Every October, the Internet seems to become a spooky wonderland. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to funny jokes it seems that Halloween begins at the stroke of midnight on the first. Speaking of funny jokes one such long-running joke online is that of the Skeleton War. We're not entirely sure where this meme started or what this crazy war is even about but we are glad it's here again. With that being said, here are 10 spooky skeletons that are definitely ready to head into battle this month.

1. Judging from this skeletons stance he is more than ready to help his spooky buddies in a very treacherous battle of the Skeleton War. With a look of determination like that I sure wouldn't want to be up against him on the front lines.


Though this skeleton may not seem scary, it's a well-known fact that the doot of a skeletons trumpet can raise the morale of his comrades with ease. The battle will certainly be picking up with him around.


It's easy to see that this guy is more than ready for a fight. Judging by his sophisticated armour he is a high ranking member of the Skeleton Army.


These skeletons may look like they're just having a fun night out but in reality they're pumping themselves up for a battle.


Again, at first glance, it seems that these skeletons are doing a harmless dance or maybe engaging in the popular child's game "Ring-Around-The-Rosie". However, this is a well-known tactic of the skeletons, what they are truly doing is discussing their battle plans, they do this while spinning as a way to distract their opponents.


I think it goes without saying that this skeleton is one guy that you definitely do not want to mess with. The throwing of one's own head is a very dangerous but deadly maneuver that may be used during battle in the Skeleton War.


These skeletons took part in the very popular Skeleton War training video, Call of Dooty and are obviously more than ready to fight again this year. Videos and games like Call of Dooty are how many skeletons get their training for the war.


This guy is just about to pounce on his poor opponent. With a stance like that it's more than obvious whoever this poor sucker is doesn't stand a chance.


These skeletons are shown engaging in a victory dance after the takedown of some very tricky opposition. There is no doubt that they are going to be primed and ready to fight again this year.


This photo is a prime example of Skeleton War propaganda used to insight new members into their ranks. With photos like these we're sure to see a new wave of spooky skeleton soldiers out on Halloween this year.