10 Simple Pleasures For The Month of August
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10 Simple Pleasures For The Month of August

Just because it's a hot and lazy month doesn't mean you have to feel hot and lazy.

10 Simple Pleasures For The Month of August

August's Origin


While the month of July is named after Julius Caesar, August is named after Julius's grandnephew Augustus. After Augustus' success defeating Marc Anthony and Cleopatra and becoming Emperor of Rome, he decided a month should be named after him too- one of equal length to July. Thus, 'August' was born.

2. The Peridot


August's birthstone is the peridot. This gem displays varying shades of green, most often a light, mossy yellow-green. Whether or not you buy into the qualities and powers gems are said to possess, it is undeniably interesting to learn about them. Peridot is said to help ward off a negative emotional state, moving the wearer toward happiness, perseverance, and intellectual growth.

3. The Gladiolus 


The flower chosen to represent the month of August is the gladiolus. This bloom reaches its peak in mid to late summer, perfect for August. The gladiolus is primarily a symbol of remembrance and honor, though the plant's spear-like shape has caused some to associate it with infatuation, piercing another heart with passion.

4. Watermelon Sangria


This refreshing cocktail will make sure the summer season goes out with a bang! And what's more classically summer than watermelon and sangria? Best of all, the recipe is fairly simple. Get it here:


5. Driving With The Windows Down


A popular summer pastime- driving with the windows down and the music up. As cliche as it sounds, it's this activity is popular for a reason. When the weather starts to cool off in the evenings, gather some friends and start driving- to nowhere in particular. Enjoy putting together a soundtrack and seeing where the road takes you.

6. Gardening


August marks the very beginning of harvest season, so this is a great time to tend to your garden- or if you don't have one- prepare your yard for next season. There's something uniquely satisfying about digging in the warm earth and watching plants come to life. Plus, this gives you an excuse to bust out that over-sized, floppy sunhat.

7. Hammocking


Hot summer = lazy, lazy = hammocking. One of the best parts of summer is relaxing, and lounging in a hammock is one of the best ways to do that. And luckily when you're lying perfectly still and swinging in the breeze, the heat is a little more bearable.

9. Reading


This one goes hand-in-hand with hammocking. If you're lucky enough to have more free time in the summer, you have more time to tackle that stack of books that's been taunting you from the corner of your room. The best way to be passive and productive at the same time.

10. Float The River


The perfect mix between lounging and exercise- floating down the river in a innertube. This is an especially popular activity in Oklahoma and other land-locked states. Beat the heat and enjoy the sun at the same time as the current does (most of) the work for you.

10. Ice Cream


No summer would be complete without an ice cream cone! Colorful, cool, and super sweet, you're never too young to enjoy this treat.

Hopefully, this list gave you some happy things to think about as the summer comes to a close.

Ps: shoutout to all the Leos and Virgos!

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