10 Signs You've Been Best Friends For At Least 10 Years
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10 Signs You've Been Best Friends For At Least 10 Years

To the elementary school friends who are still in my life.

10 Signs You've Been Best Friends For At Least 10 Years

Maintaining friendships as a college student that you've had since elementary school, or even younger, is such a special thing. You've gone this long without managing to kill them yet! You don't even consider each other best friends anymore, but more like a part of their family. Here are a few ways you can tell if you've officially reached that point in your friendship.

1. You can go weeks without talking to them, and you always manage to pick up right where you left off.

Life can get pretty hectic, especially if you go to different schools, so you may drift a little bit from your friend. But as soon as you see each other next, it's like nothing ever happened. There's always SO much to catch up on.

2. You're pretty much a member of each others' families.

You're invited to all of the family functions, you know all of the weird aunts and uncles, you're friends with their siblings, and their parents give you advice like you were their own child. The only thing missing is you don't live there.

3. It's perfectly acceptable to raid their fridge

You know exactly where they keep the good snacks, too.

4. You're always gossiping about anyone and everyone.

You've been friends for so long, so you know all of the same people. You're always catching up about who is dating who, who is no longer friends with who, etc.

5. If one of you doesn't remember an old memory the other brings up, you get super offended.

Nothing is worse than bringing up an old childhood memory and the other one doesn't remember it. Um, how could you forget that prank we pulled on so-and-so when we were 10? Or thatsleepover we had in 7thgrade?

6. You can show up to their house in pajamas, or have them over when your room is a mess, and it's totally normal.

There are really no limits. Whether you haven't showered, are sick, or on the verge of a mental breakdown, it's totally OK.

7. Their pets get excited to see you, and vice-versa

Their pets actually recognize you and get excited to see you (even though they probably just smell your own dog, but still).

8. You're brutally honest with each other

It's totally OK to say that outfit looks ridiculous, that guy you're talking to is a loser, or you're overreacting to a situation.

9. You have more inside jokes than you could name.

After so many years of friendship, you lose track of all of your inside jokes.

10. You know you'll always be best friends

After so many years of friendship, there's no way you can give them up now. After all, they know too much.

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