10 Signs You're Going Through The Sophomore Slump

Being a sophomore in college is actually the most painful year of your life. After your easy breezy freshman year on campus life tends to hit you like a ton of bricks as a sophomore. Apparently, there is this thing called the sophomore slump and it's the most truthful thing I've ever researched, I admit it I admit it I am currently a prisoner to the slump.

Sophomore year means you're no longer a silly freshman which leads to you gaining this ridiculous amount of confidence that ultimately leads you to the slump. Being a sophomore means you have just about had it with school work, you are tired all day every day and you let school hit the backburner.

As a sophomore, you probably consider dropping out of school way too often and your weekends out are what you live for. There are levels to this sh*t, being in the sophomore slump could possibly be our cause of death.

1. Yea the school work is going to have to stop.

Brain capacity is low and can no longer handle the stress of homework.

2. "Let's go out every night this week."

Being reckless is a tell tale sign that you are now consumed by the sophomore slump.

3.*Calls mom to discuss dropping out*

This conversation happens almost every day.

4. Failing tests left and right.

C's get degrees has become your new life motto for sure.

5. "Oh, that was due today?"

Being forgetful is key in the sophomore slump, if you don't forget to hand in a paper at least 3 times a week you are definitely not made for the slump lifestyle.

6. *Needs drink after attempting to study for 5 minutes*

Studying is physically impossible while being a sophomore and it requires a drink after every word that is read.

7. "I literally just don't care."

The 'I don't care' phrase crosses your path just about every 5 minutes.

8. Skips class as much as possible

Going to class is for the weak.

9. *Spends money like its going out of style*

Being in the sophomore slump means you are willing to waste money on stupid things and you probably have started eating out for every meal.

10. Middle child Syndrom sets in

If you have never been the middle child in your family just become a sophomore in college the effects are exactly the same!

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