Education majors are unlike any other students on campus. They spend hours writing a 30-minute lesson plan, they spend hours outside of class going to fieldwork, and they actually enjoy going to class (most of the time). They have heard the same phrase countless times: "I wish I got to read children's books for homework". But, just because we may be making fun craft projects, or reading children's books, that doesn't mean our major is any easier than yours. If anything, education majors know how hard it can be sometimes, but in the end, it's worth it. All of those lesson plans, reflections, and art projects are worth it. Here are 10 signs you're an education major:

1. You have two wardrobes- one for class and one for fieldwork.

Your collection of ballet flats and cardigans just keeps on growing.

2. You understand that a 10-page lesson plan usually ends up taking a half hour.

The most frustrating thing ever. Something that took hours to write and perfect only took a half hour.

3. Pinterest is your best friend.

I have a board for my classroom, my bulletin boards, and my lesson plan ideas. I'm not even a teacher yet.

4. You save all of your education textbooks.

When you have your own classroom, you know those will come in handy.

5. You're super organized.

From color coordinated binders and notebooks, all the way to your label maker, education students are some of the most organized people.

6. You understand the struggle of methods classes.

And even more so, you understand the struggle of having to go over the lesson plan format over and over in every methods course.

7. You saved all of your books from when you were little for your future library.

From Biscuit, to Dr. Suess, to Cam Jansen, and of course Junie B. Jones, you've got them all.

8. You get really excited about the first day of school.

I swear it's like a holiday.

9. Early classes don't bother you.

Especially if you're going to fieldwork. Seeing the kids makes you ten times more awake and cheerful.

10. You can't imagine not being a teacher.