And to think, I thought I would have life totally together by now!

1. Forgetting To Make Your Doctors Appointments

It's not that I'm trying to avoid going, I just truly forget about it. You can send me as many reminders as you want, but I promise I will still forget to make any kind of doctor appointment. Fingers crossed that there's not a secret disease running rampant through my body!

2. Running Late Because You Refuse To Use Your Maps App

I "thought" I knew how to get back home the other day. Turns out I ended up 15 miles past the airport, and 30 minutes late from the dinner I had planned to attend. A responsible adult would definitely use their GPS, I should learn from them..

3. When You Feel Permanently Exhausted Because You're Incapable Of Going To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

I only meant to watch one more episode... Going to bed early is for the weak. You can sleep when you're dead.

4. When You Spend Your Final $5 On a Shot

Payday is only a week away!

5. When You Discover You Suck At Feeding Yourself

Turns out you cannot live off of applesauce cups and Easy Mac. I have the diet of a 4-year-old toddler.

6. When You've Become A Pro At The 'Smell Test'

Heaven forbid I actually have to do laundry. The washer seems determined to ruin my life... and every minute of my free time.

7. When You Finally DO Laundry, And Avoid Folding It For Weeks

Ninety-eight percent sure there's a load of clothes that have been sitting in my dryer since Tuesday. Who knew that your dryer doubled as storage space?!

8. You Avoid Talking About Your Job At All Costs

Uhm, what do I do? For a living? *Insert vague and confusing answer here, and pray to God that they don't further interrogate you*

9. When You Avoid Checking Your Bank Account Balance

I don't actually want to SEE that I spent my final $5 on a shot...

10. When You Realize that You Are NOT Excel Proficient

Contrary to what you put on your resume, you have absolutely no idea what you do not know about Microsoft Excel.