10 Signs You Love Dogs More Than People
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10 Signs You Love Dogs More Than People

I enjoy long walks on the beach with two to five dogs by my side.

10 Signs You Love Dogs More Than People
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Whether you’re a dog owner or not, it’s easy to fall in love with every single dog you encounter. Each is unique in it’s own way and kind of like human beings but way better. If you’ve ever had a moment where you realized you stopped a conversation to pursue a dog in dire need of your petting or have claimed you have a sixth sense for dog emotions, it’s time to just admit it, you are 100 percent a crazy dog person.

1. You follow an absurd amount of dogs on Instagram.

Marnie, Sir Charles Barkley, Maru, Manny and Boo. All familiar names to you, but no, not the names of your friends, nor the names of any celebrities. You know the names of Instagram-famous dogs off the back of your hand and, of course, you’re on a first name basis with them. Following them is one step closer to calling them your own right? Who needs people selfies when dog selfies are really what get you through the day?

2. You can identify a dog’s breed faster than you can remember the name of that “friend” you made last week.

Sure, it’s easy to identify a golden retriever and a pug, but you’ve even got Lhasa Apso and Australian shepherds under your belt. There’s no fooling you, even in the battle to distinguish Alaskan malamutes from huskies.

3. You’ve seen every dog video. Every. Single. One.

Your friends and family will try to show you that video of the talking husky or that dog dressed up as a spider for Halloween, but you’ve seen it all. You won’t admit that you search for “cute funny dog videos” on YouTube at least twice a week. You also won’t admit that once you’ve started, there’s no stopping you from clicking every related video. But you know it’s true, just keep erasing your web history, you sly dog.

4. You dream of a nice house, a perfect spouse and three puppies to call your own.

The American dream to you is simply being able to have a home where all dogs are welcome. You’ve always dreamed of raising puppies, not children. And if you’re being completely honest, you’re far more concerned about how your corgi, dalmatian and Newfoundland will get along than you are about finding a husband or wife who can support your crazy antics.

5. Dogs on the street equals new dogs to meet.

Like Spiderman has his "spidey" senses, you, the dog master, have "doggie" senses. Your doggie senses run wild when you see a dog trotting in your direction. Forget the fact that it’s on a leash or belongs to another human, that dog needs your affection, right here, right now.

6. There is nothing off-limits for your dog.

If your dog wants to sleep on your bed, it’s his. If he wants a piece of your sirloin steak, it’s in his bowl. Let’s be real, anytime he gives you those puppy eyes, which is literally always, you’re too weak to deny his every wish.

7. As impossible as it sounds, you have used FaceTime with your dog.

Sure, maybe Princess couldn’t pick up the call herself, but you told your mom ahead of time to answer it for her. When you’re gone for months, weeks or days at a time, you have to let your pup know you’re still alive and love her more than anything. Your mom will tell you that “dogs can’t talk” or will accuse you of being “ridiculous," but haters will always try to keep you down. Nothing comes between you and your dog, not even distance!

8. There is no better cuddle-buddy than a dog.

Netflix and chill “dates” are reserved for your dog and your dog only. The only kisses you need are full tongue, all over your face, and the only begging you’ll succumb to is for a Beggin’ Strip. The best part is your pup always manages to find the comfiest way to cuddle -- no creepy spooning, no wandering hands. It's just a pooch enjoying your company as much as you enjoy theirs.

9. You invite people to your dog’s birthday parties.

People with dogs of course. Celebrating your pup’s big day is no joke, in fact, it’s probably as much of a big deal as your own birthday. Since it’s Buddy’s special day, he gets to have cake, presents, the whole nine yards. Nothing brings you joy quite like seeing your dog in a birthday hat with his snout covered in cake frosting!

10. There is no other animal for you.

You’ve tried cats. You’ve tried a hamster. You thought about a rabbit or maybe even a chinchilla, but there is no other domestic animal you would prefer to a dog. No animal is as loyal, playful, friendly and affectionate as a puppy is. Even if you don’t have one, even if the puppy closest to you belongs to someone else, nothing can fill a void quite like a dog can.

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