10 Signs You Are Excited For Spring Break

As college students, we usually love being independent and having a busy schedule. It can be pretty nice to have a space to ourselves and having responsibilities on our own. However, there is nothing like the feeling of being home. College is our "home away from home," but we can't help but be excited when we get a break form the college life. Here are some signs that you are probably excited to go home for Spring Break.

When you have all these ideas to spend time with your parents but forget they have a life too when you're not home

You probably call your parents randomly and tell them how excited to be home, even though they aren't mentally prepared to have your stuff everywhere in the house.

When you're sitting in class and realize you'll be home soon

"Sorry Professor, I'm doing my happy dance for leaving this awful place soon"

When you know your pets will look like this when they see you walk through the door

Admit it. You most likely look at cat pictures or dog snap stories from the past and cannot wait to see your babies again.

When you realize you don't have to pay for laundry for the week

Why yes, mom, you can gladly take my laundry for me.

You remember you won't be doing homework for a week

Do not even convince yourself you'll get work done over break. You know it's not going to happen and you would much rather take a break from it. After all, you are on "break."

You realize you don't have to wear shower shoes for a little while

You know there's so better feeling than being in your own bathroom, not wearing shower shoes, and taking baths or long showers whenever you please.

You know you'll be able to finally see your best friend again

It feels as if it's been forever that you two have been together, but once you get to see them, you forget that time apart was ever a thing.

You can sleep whenever you want

It does not matter how much sleep you have lost this semester, you can always catch up when you come home to your own bed.

You drool over the thought you'll have homemade food before you know it

Mom's homemade brownies, pasta from dad? Not having college food is the happiest thing you can tell a college student.

You actually won't mind all your relatives asking how school is

Even though you know deep down inside you're drowning in work and are financially and emotionally unstable, you know everything's okay because you're finally home.

So, remember, work hard these last few weeks before break. You can relax very soon. Mom, dad, get ready, I'm coming home!

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