10 Signs You're Sleep Deprived and Need a Nap ASAP

10 Signs You're Sleep Deprived and Need a Nap ASAP

If You Aren't Exhausted, Are You Really a College Student?

As weeks and days continue to pass by where you get little to no sleep, there is no other way to describe yourself other than "overemotional, exhausted and close to death". Well, not death exactly, but you're definitely close to crying your eyes out or passing out on the nearest soft surface, not even caring about major homework assignment or midterms that are drawing near.

Is it a major part of the college lifecycle? Yes.

Is it healthy? Hell no

Alright, those examples might be about me, but if you're near the point of total exhaustion as I am, you might find yourself feeling the same way.

As someone who suffers from sleep deprivation, allow me (a self-claimed expert on lack of sleep) to show you signs that you need a pillow under your head AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

1) Your Sleep Schedule is Non-Existent

2) Coffee is All That Gets You Through the Day

3) Stress is Your Best Friend

4) Increased Forgetfulness

5) Frequent Spacing Out

6) Crankiness, Crankiness, Crankiness!

7) Emotional Outbursts Are the New Trend

8) Your Skin has become a Blemish Warzone

9) You Have a Serious Case of the Munchies (ALL of the Time)

10) The Ability to Make Decisions is at 0%

Now put whatever you're reading this article on DOWN and put your head on a pillow, if not for me (a random human on the internet) than for your own health!

Catch some shut eye and send some Zzz's my way if you can!

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10 Pieces Of Life Advice On Personal Growth

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7. Get a Trim

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9. Plant Flowers Don't Buy the Bouquet

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