Living in the Midwest means a lot of things- corn fields, freshwater beaches, plain flat land, and a lot of cloudy days. People are usually very courteous and friendly and are the life of the party from the hottest summers to the coldest winters. They get to experience every season and are some of the best people you can meet.

Living in the Midwest is the best.

Here are 10 signs that you are from the Midwest:

1. It is not called soda; it is called pop, and no other name is acceptable besides pop.

2. You don't understand why the South freaks out over an inch of snow.

I mean come on! It is just a light dusting.

3. You consider the Great Lakes to be better than any ocean.

4. You’ve been to your county's fair and the state fair and probably the neighboring states' fairs as well.

5. You can name at least three people who have hit a deer while driving

There are literally deer everywhere you look.

6. Big school field trips meant going to “the city” to check out a museum.

7. You've gone trick-or-treating with your snow pants on.

There always a chance of snow on Halloween, always.

8. Even if you didn't drive a pickup truck, you knew someone who did.

You and your friends have probably done some stupid stuff in a pickup truck.

9. You have gone on a hayride and picked a pumpkin out of an actual pumpkin patch.

10. You or someone you know owned a lakehouse with a nice boat along with it, and every summer you would take that bad boy out.