10 Signs It's Your Senior Year
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Student Life

10 Signs It's Your Senior Year

From wrinkles to job hunts, here is why you need to graduate.

10 Signs It's Your Senior Year

With autumn just around the corner, school is in the midst of starting yet again. As I prepare to go back to school, I have been reflecting on my last three years of college, taking note of goals I have accomplished, as well as challenges throughout my college experience. One thing I have noticed is how much has changed since freshman year, including my age, jobs, school work and even friends. It has been an adventure, and I am ready to finish and begin a new chapter. There are several signs, that like me, you are also a college senior, preparing for the future, looking ahead, and ultimately ready to graduate!

1. Registration is no longer the "Hunger Games."

Registration has been a competition these past three years in which you needed to strategize and even rely of allies to get the best classes and professors. Finally, however, just when you prepared your alternate class list, you realize all of the classes are open, and you can finally take that amazing elective class you have been eyeing since freshman year.

2. Complete transformation has occurred.

Now, looking back on freshman year, it's often hard to justify some of our fashion and hair experiments, but that is what college is for, trying new things. Now finally, glancing in the mirror, it's hard to even recognize yourself because you appear much more grown up and have finally settled on a "look." These changes are not only physical, as much of your personality has evolved as well. And now as you head into your fourth year, you finally feel like you look and feel like yourself.

3. Not actually ready to learn anymore.

Abstract astronomy, and physics of light were all new and exciting classes to take during your college years. You were enthusiastic to learn about strange, unique topics, that were never covered in high school. However, as senior year approaches, it is normal to begin to feel a lackluster feeling for these classes and begin to yearn for the real world again.

3. Graduation stage walk is mastered.

Right, then left, then right again, how hard can it be to walk across the stage? Yet you have already practiced to ensure you have the perfect, yet fabulous stage walk mastered for the pivotal moment in your college experience.

4. The read and sleep.

We have all done this at one point or another. Late work nights and early classes equals little to no sleep. However, to cope with this problem, the read and sleep was invented. As a senior, you have mastered bending over to read a book, in which you gently rest your eyes and catch up on some sleep.

5. You have already started saying goodbye.

You still have one year left, yet the need to say goodbye and cherish memories has already begun. You have been taking more pictures than usual and reminding your friends of how you met freshman year. This sign is actually great in forcing you to remind your friends how much you care and cherishing the memories still to come.

6. Proficient in the art of finals.

Whether this includes prepping four cups of coffee, or setting six alarms to wake you up after one hour of sleep, you have successfully mastered getting though finals. You know how long it takes you to get something done, or procrastinate it for that matter, and you can organize yourself accordingly. However, senior year is no time to slack off, so just continue with your incredible multi-tasking skills, and finish this year amazingly.

7. No longer carded.

Don't worry if you haven't been getting carded. You don't have wrinkles or look old, it just means you finally look like a chiseled, mature adult. Take this as a sign you are ready to leave your juvenile life behind, enter the real world and get a job.

8. The search is on for a job.

Are professional organizations and resume builders your new best friend? Then you are ready to graduate and look toward a new adventure in your career. Reflect back on all the skills you have acquired and add the new additions to your resume, as you are about to have a well earned degree to add as well.

9. And a place to live.

One of the most exciting, yet challenging moments of entering senior year, is beginning your search for a place to live after graduation. Whether you are searching to move to a new city, or just up the block, this is a sure sign you are ready to leave. The most challenging part begins when looking within your price range and realize how small a living space can be. Don't you miss college a little now?

10. Time for graduation!

As graduation fast approaches, you know how much you have changed and grown, and now putting on that cap and gown, you are assured that you're ready.

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