10 Shows To Binge Watch This Fall
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10 Shows To Binge Watch This Fall

Some Netflix required.

10 Shows To Binge Watch This Fall
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School is in session, so may the procrastination start. Fall is the dawn of new classes, new friends, new beginnings, and new seasons. Here are 10 shows you should watch before their fall/winter premier dates. So set that homework aside for five more minutes *wink, wink* and settle down with your computer in your lap and hummus and pita chips in hand because it is time to Netflix and chill (in the purest sense, of course).

1. "Gilmore Girls"

With the reboot T-minus 86 days away this is a must-watch on Netflix. This 90 minute, four part series comes nine years after the series finale. The seven season show follows Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and their unlikely mother-daughter friendship through the ups and downs of life, which includes estranged family, dating, high school, college, and adult life.

2. "Stranger Things"

Since its release on July 15th, this sci-fi thriller has captivated audiences. Winona Ryder lends her acting skills as Joyce Byers, whose 12 year old son vanishes under mysterious circumstances. The frantic and determined mother enlists the help of the local authorities to find the boy, and what they find is nothing short of "The Goonies," "The Fly," and "Changling" all rolled into one.

3. "American Horror Story"

If you haven’t heard, unlike past years Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are not releasing the theme of the upcoming sixth season of the horror-filled anthology. Many believe that the season will revolve around the lost colony of Roanoke and Lady Gaga will be playing an evil green fairy, but that sounds like absinth talking. Whatever the theme may be, show followers will be sure to delight in this new gruesome series that promises to bring back the horror that was present in the show’s earlier years.

4. "How To Get Away With Murder"

As undergrads, graduate school is something that some of us consider. We think about the classes, papers, money, but murder is something you would expect, however, when you are in Annalise Keating’s class it is part of the lesson plan. Prepare to get sucked into the world of criminal defense law and try to be two steps ahead.

5. "Scandal"

Delayed until early 2017, due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy gives you enough time to binge on all five seasons. Olivia Pope, a former media consultant to the president, opens up her own crisis-management firm, but is she able to leave the past behind?

6. "Once Upon A Time"

If you watch this show prepare yourself for all the twists and turns that you will experience in this fantasy drama that encompasses Disney, Wizard of Oz, Victorian literature, and Greek mythology characters. As you can guess there is a lot going down in this show, so if you do choose to watch this show binge watch it with serious intent because if you take a break or do not give you complete undivided attention to this ABC series you will be lost in the enchanted forest.

7. New Girl

“Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!” By the third episode you will be singing the opening credits just waiting to see what the zany Jess and her band of three male roommates do next. From playing True American to comforting one another when love has got them down, these friends are total squad goals.

8. Arrow

Not only is the movie industry on a superhero kick, but so is primetime television. After being stranded on an island for five years, playboy billionaire, Oliver Queen, returns home. During the day he is presumably the same man he was pre-shipwreck, but at night he dons his vigilante alter-ego The Hood a.k.a. The Arrow a.k.a. Green Arrow.

9. Empire

Empire is all the grit, hard work, betrayal, and drama that we all suspect actually goes down in the music industry. Follow Lucious Lyon and his family as they strive to dominate the hip hop industry by any means necessary.

10. Game of Thrones

This winner of 26 Emmy Awards will not come back to HBO until spring 2017, but trust me, with six action/dramatic/fantastical seasons you are going to need all of that time watch the show, as well as recover from such devastating massacres, such as the infamous Red Wedding. The multiple perspectives will have you picking sides, but also praying for their life because no one is safe in the Game of Thrones.
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