10 Senior Bucket List Items For Your Last Semester At FSU

10 Senior Bucket List Items For Your Last Semester At FSU

Although these will be bittersweet, they will remind us of who we've become during our time here at FSU.

Last week I walked into Strozier library and immediately pulled out my FSU card. I swiped my card the wrong way (shocking) and tried it again another way while the person behind me let out a frustrated sigh because I was taking too long.

Trust me, l I was frustrated too.

I finally got through the gate and began laughing at myself. I think that last time I got that flustered was during my first visit to Strozier my freshman year when I came across those horrible instructions that tell you to flip your card two different ways.

Now that I'm a senior beginning my last semester at FSU, I weirdly thought to myself how I am going to miss swiping my card incorrectly and hearing the person behind me say under their breath “God it’s not that hard.”

Well, it is for some people Carol! So, today for you all I’ve decided to compile of list of things to do at FSU during your last semester that we may not be able to do again.

1. Swipe your FSU card at Strozier Library one last time.

The correct way. On the first try.

2. Jump in the Westcott fountain one last time.

If anyone finds a starfish earring and would like to return it I would greatly appreciate it.

3. Go bowling on campus.

I’ve been saying that I wanted to do this since freshman year so this also serves as a reminder to myself.

4. Go cheer on a sports team other than the football team.

Let’s see, there’s tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, swimming and diving, track and field, softball, and even performances put on by FSU’s School of Dance!

5. Go visit the sod cemetery.

I have personally seen it. It smelled weird. I loved it.

6. Go sit on Landis and people watch.

Watch people sword fight, run after their dogs, play music, and do perfect pushups in front of you. This happened to me this past semester and I felt blessed.

7. Go thank a professor, advisor, etc. who has made an impact on your time here.

I have had 35 different teachers during my time here. I have already thanked one for the impact he has made on my college experience.

8. Go find a parking spot in a parking garage without being late to class.

Although this may be more frustrating than enjoyable, it still definitely constitutes as something you can tell your parents you took away from college and something I truly think you should be proud of.

9. Take advantage of the free gym and go, even if it's painful.

Go to the Leach and take a free class, the Health and Wellness Center, your apartment gym, anywhere and leave with a big smile on your face because that’ll probably be the last time you’ll get to work out at a gym for free which may or may not mean you’re last time working out ever

10. Go walk around campus one last time.

This campus truly is beautiful. And I think that’s something I’ve taken advantage of while I’m walking speedily to class or while I’m engulfed in my phone trying to avoid eye contact with anyone I might have to make small talk with. Thank you FSU for letting the sun shine through your trees and making walking to and from class something that will never fade as an awe-striking experience.

Doing these ten things will be bittersweet. They will sting a little. But, they will help us remember and appreciate the time we’ve spent here and the many, many things FSU has given us. They will help us remember who we were as freshman and who we’ve become as seniors, soon leaving to begin the next chapter of our lives.

FSU, I may not be able to come back and swipe my FSU card at Strozier (that would be creepy) but, I will certainly walk your campus once again. This is not a goodbye, it’s an I’ll see you later.

Cover Image Credit: Visions of Travel

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I’ve been there.

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My friend, it is going to be OK.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Beavers Photography

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