10 Things to Do Before Going Back to School

As the weeks of the summer dwindle down and I am constantly faced with the question, “When does school start?” (August 22nd for any Sludents who have yet to face reality), I realize that I and other college students have reached the time to check all of the annoying tasks off of our back-to-school to do list. Like:

1. Buying your books.

And scouring every website to find them at the cheapest price.

2. Contacting your new roommate.

And then buying your contribution to the room.

3. Buying new school supplies.

Even though you secretly immensely enjoy doing that.

4. Relearning to write.

And building up that callous on your knuckle.

5. Preparing for days without sunlight and fresh air.

Good-bye, beautiful tan.

6. Weaning your stomach off of homemade meals in preparation for cheap, processed food.

Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese for days.

7. Preparing for unsolicited social interaction.

And going from talking to all of three people everyday to at least three people from every class.

8. Getting ready to never sleep again.

By sleeping twelve hours every day.

9. Saying good-bye to the relationship with your car.

And hoping you don’t forget how to drive.

10. And amidst it all, saving time for one last hurrah.

Because the summer’s not over yet.

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