The fall semster of freshman year is a huge adjustment. You don't have any friends (yet), you don't know where everything is, and you're away from home. It's hard to imagine meeting someone you can go to the dining hall with, forget finding a best friend. But soon enough, you become close with a few people in your classes. The next thing you know, you hang out every day, and are always together. These people are the ones you can count on for everything and anything, at any time of day, making them your best friends. As if that isn't reason enough, here's ten reasons why your college friends are the best friends:

1. They make nights in and out fun.

Whether it's actually going out, or staying in and ordering take out, you always have fun when you're together.

2. They know your schedule and already planned when you can eat lunch together.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you're meeting up at 1:15... duh.

3. The group chat.

Even if it means they yell at you for falling asleep before midnight on your birthday, or when you don't check your phone and there's twenty texts, the group chat makes your day.

4. They make reuniting that much sweeter.

5. They're there at any time, day or night.

2 a.m. or 8 a.m. they're always there, and better yet, they're right down the hall.

6. Their closet is your closet.

Suddenly you hate everything that's in your closet and can't find anything to wear, but then you remember you have a second closet.

7. They make distance feel like nothing.

Living down the hall or living in two different states means nothing, you'll still see each other and stay in touch no matter where you are.

8. They know all of your weird habits.

They know that during exam week you follow a strict schedule that includes when you're showering and for how long, no questions asked.

9. There's no boundaries.

You burp in front of each other, you ask them the dumbest things, and you walk into their room like you live there.

10. They make college feel like home.

College is a huge adjustment freshman year, but with the right group of friends, they make school your new home, and you can't wait to go back.