11 Ways Writing Has Shaped Me Into The Person I Am Today

11 Ways Writing Has Shaped Me Into The Person I Am Today

Through writing, I have truly changed as a person in a way I will forever be grateful for.

Ever since I started writing for Odyssey, I have been asked nearly a million times why I write. The answer I typically give is just “I love to write, so I do it for fun.”

Well, a lot of the time people don’t take that and want more of a reason. Writing, for me, is not only fun, but it is also a therapeutic outlet for me and is something that makes me feel safe (and sane).

1. I tell a story that, if done well, will resonate with many of the other people who read it.

Nothing feels better than knowing you made someone know that they are not alone. You never know what you’re writing could do for someone.

2. My writing that I keep private is a way for me to let everything out.

This is something that helps me to destress and not have so many worries. Everyone has different ways to cope, and writing just happens to be one of mine.

3. It helps me to become more creative.

Thinking of article ideas every week to produce new content is very challenging, and it is not always easy to do. You have to take time and think about what story you want to tell and how you want to tell it, which is always both exciting and challenging.

4. Having something I love so much be complimented is the best feeling in the world.

Seriously, nothing beats this. I work so hard on every piece of my writing, and when it resonates with people or they just generally compliment it, it makes me feel like all of the hard work I’ve put into it has paid off.

5. I want to make people feel something.

My goal in my writings is to make people feel some sort of way that they didn’t before reading my piece. Whether that feeling is sad, happy or even just them becoming newly informed, I want them to learn and recognize something with every single piece of mine that they read.

6. I’m constantly learning.

I am someone who can’t just stop learning something new. Through my writing, especially my writing through Odyssey, I am always learning something new. Whether it be trying out new writing techniques or learning how to properly edit an article for publishing, it’s something I didn’t know before, and that is so satisfying.

7. To connect with other people.

Some of the people I have met and gotten the opportunity to work with because of this adventure with Odyssey are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Not to mention sharing my work and having people engage me with it helps me to meet people who do all sorts of different things, besides writing.

8. Writing is needed for everything you do.

Whether it’s creative writing or writing a simple email, you need to be able to do it. Why not practice?

9. Writing brings opportunity.

When a new writing piece of mine is published, there is no way to tell where it will go from there. You never know who is going to find it.

10. I want to inspire people.

I want to inspire other people to speak out. To share their stories and let their voices be heard. I write in hopes that through my own writing and others' writing, we will change the way people view themselves.

11. Writing is my passion.

Writing makes me feel alive and makes me feel like I’m doing something to help someone. That’s all I want to do and because of writing, I feel as though I am able to do it.

Long story short: through writing, I have truly changed as a person in a way I will forever be grateful for.

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The Stark Reality Of Having A Friend In The Military

It's way more than hand-written letters and good-bye hugs.

It's easy to complain as a college student. We're all broke, we're all tired, and we all battle each of our personal issues. But what happens when exams, exhaustion, and debt are the least of our worries?

It all seems so horrid and unfair. But the truth is, the most unfair thing is having someone you're close to thousands of miles away in your honor. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm talking about the military.

Growing up, being in the military was almost romanticized, in a way. The whole long distance relationship and reconnecting with our loved ones seemed so amorous. In reality, it's way more than hand-written letters and good-bye hugs. It's wondering when, and if, you'll see them next. Missing the holidays, missing birthdays, missing memories.

A good friend of mine enlisted in the marines this year. He left later than expected, mid-October to be exact, and just came back January 13th. Between his time in South Carolina and his return to Jersey, he missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

You truly don't realize what you have until it's gone. The only form of communication I have with him is through writing letters. In this case, it's not really gone, just finite. The time spent with him is now more precious than ever because of how limited it is. Did I mention he didn't use his cell phone at all from October until January 12th?

That's right. Months without any texts, Snaps, or Tweets blowing up in your pocket. "It really teaches you to appreciate life," he told me.

It's hard to complain about your life knowing someone who's in the military. Whether it be the marines, navy, airforce or any other branch, they are risking their lives to protect ours. With it being so close to home now, I've made it a point to appreciate the little things. Suddenly, the "opened" snaps and eight page papers seem like such little worries.

The training, the lack of sleep, the limits; they're all pushed by every single army member to protect us and our country. "Do you ever get scared?" I asked him. "Sometimes, then I remember why I'm doing it. For everyone I love back here." He looks at it as a way of serving both his country and the ones he loves.

Unfortunately, complaining is something I've become way too good at since August. But since January 13th, I've been looking at life a little differently. Sure, things get hard sometimes, but it could always be worse. Based on my friend's experiences at boot camp, what us college students deal with isn't as testing. As much as I'd love to give up complaning forever, I can definitely say that I now appreciate things a little more. Especially this marine.

Cover Image Credit: pexels

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