I may be biased, but I do believe that morocco is one of the most beautiful places there is. Though it may not be as extravagant as the Maldives or as exciting as India, it certainly has its charm.

1. History:

Morocco has a rich history dating back to many centuries. It has lived through many invasions, battles and reign s which have all contributed to its artifacts. This includes the Romans, Arabs, and French.

2. Diverse culture:

Mainly we speak of Moroccan culture as one, but what seem to skip the inattentive eye is the little variations that are geographically bound. This can be apparent in the colors and patterns used in clothing, food, music and dance.

3. The contrast between the new and the old:

Visiting Moroccan cities can open your eye to different periods of history if not eras. Personally, the cities I have visited all seem to have this contrast between the old and the new, which is mainly portrayed in architecture, food and even music.

4. The architecture:

As mentioned before, the Moroccan architecture is diverse in the fact that some is new or “modern”, and some is old or “historic”. The historic one is certainly more breathe-taking as it puts great emphasis on details and colors.

5. Great scenery:

I am so in love with most of the scenery I have managed to witness in my travels. Whether it is the snow-covered Atlas Mountains, hidden gems like the forgotten city (picture), or the natural landscapes which tend to go unnoticed. So if you are planning to visit, be sure to ask around about that, you will not regret it.

6. The Sahara:

This is one place I have yet to visit, but based on my friends’ experiences, going to the Sahara is one of their best travels. There are so many activities you can do there, like quad biking, spending the night in a traditional tent, riding camels…

7. Everything is cheap (for the most part):

If you worry about your budget not being enough, don’t! Unless of course you are looking for luxurious experience, then you might want to reconsider. For the most part, transportation, accommodation and food don’t cost much. So you get great experience, for a good price.

8. Great food:

If you find yourself in Morocco, just forget about your diet and enjoy the delicious food. Though, generally all the meals are quite balanced, so don’t worry too much about that.

9. The people:

For the most part, morocco is known by its hospitable people. You might encounter people who are more than willing to welcome you into their homes and families and expect nothing in return. However, please do not trust anyone who might say so (you never know haha).

10. Medinas:

The medinas are usually the old part of cities and are my favorite. They have shops that include everything from food, home-wear to clothes and beauty products.