Dogs are the best things on Earth. You cannot argue with me. If you try to, I will tell you these hard cold facts.

1. They give you the best kisses.

Who doesn't like a good slobber?

2. They are the best cuddle partners.

When everyone turns you away, you know you can turn to your pal and have the best snuggle session.

3. Dogs will always be the most excited to see you.

Coming home from a long day, I always brighten up with I see my puppy greet me at the door. No matter how sad, annoyed, or tired I am, I will always laugh seeing my dog hop up and down trying to kiss me.

4. They are so smart.

When you teach your dog to sit, bark, or to stay, it can be a frustrating, yet a fun process. However, the moment when your dog listens to your command, you know you have the smartest dog, ever.

5. When you are lazy, they will clean up after you.

When you drop that piece of chicken, you know you can always count on your best bud to help you out.

6. They are your best workout partners.

Dogs are always ready for a good workout. So why not take the best companion for a walk?

7. They will protect you.

Dogs will be your best body guards. When someone they don't know or like approaches you, they will make sure you are safe.

8. They will always be a shoulder to cry on.

No matter what, you can always turn to your dog and find a shoulder to cry on.

9. They show you to enjoy the little things in life.

Whether it be sniffing flower on a walk or sticking their head out the car to huff and puff at the wind, dogs always appreciate the little things in life.

10. They will love you endlessly.

Your dog will forever be your best friend. You can turn to them for a good cry, laugh, or snuggle. There isn't a single thing a dog wouldn't do for you. They loves you the most (even more than people) and they are the greatest things on the Earth, period.

So turn around and give your dog a big hug. It will brighten up your day.