10 Reasons Why Dating A Headstrong, Confident Girl Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

10 Reasons Why Dating A Headstrong, Confident Girl Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

"What's wrong with being confident?"


Everyone knows this type of girl. Headstrong, confident, stubborn, relentless... the list could go on and on. I've heard things like "I'd never date a girl like her" solely because of any one of the adjectives I just listed. I know this because I'm one of these girls. But here's the thing, dating a girl like this is actually one of the best decisions a guy could ever make, and here's a list of reasons why.

1. We're direct.

We're not ones to beat around the bush, even if we know you're not going to like what we have to say.

2. We'll never give up on you.

Our confidence in ourselves gives us confidence in you. We're relentless, sure, but that also means we're relentless in the fact that we don't give up on what we love easily.

3. Our confidence will reflect on you.

It's a proven fact that being around confident people makes you more confident. We'll never let you feel less than your best.

4. We're not afraid to tell you how we really feel.

As stubborn as we can be, we're still not afraid to tell you how we are feeling, whether you want to know or not.

5. We don't deal with complicated.

We don't sit around waiting for complicated to get uncomplicated. That may not seem like a perk, but it does make making decisions a lot easier.

6. You'll never question our feelings for you.

Confident personality means being confident in how we feel, and we'll always make sure you know we love you.

7. We're great at communicating.

If we don't like something, we tell you. No games, no confusion.

8. We're not whiny.

My guy friends always tell me that the one thing that they can't stand about some girls is how whiny they can be, mostly about themselves. Our confidence means we're not going to constantly complain about how we look, we don't need you to tell us.

9. We're only stubborn because we think it's in your best interest

You may not believe it, but when we're being stubborn we do genuinely think we're right. Don't take it the wrong way, we just want you to see it from our side.

10. We may be too stubborn to text you first, but trust me, you're always on our mind.

Enough said.

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