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10 Reasons Why Florida Is Special

Florida holds a special place in my heart. Now that I don’t live there anymore, I cringe whenever I hear of Florida man stories because I get it. Florida can be weird, but the benefits make up for it.

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People Don't Talk About The Weather

Let's be honest what is there to talk about? In Michigan there's seasons and the weather's so temperamental here that it easily makes it into everyday conversation. One winter can be very mild with less than 10 inches of accumulated snow, while the next comes with back to back polar vortexes.

In Florida not so much, it's either 85 and sunny or 85 and rainy. Sure there are a couple days in February that may dip down to the low 60s but anything more than that and it's plastered all over the news. Like the one time it was supposed to "snow".

The whole town got excited and the local stations were asking for people to submit their shots of the magical white powder. Still talking about snow. What we got instead was a hand full of flurries that melted upon landing, while the temperature creeped up to you guessed it, 85.

Southern Charm

Living in The Midwest has it's share of advantages and perplexed are friendly here. But southerners have a tender way with words. Around here if guys started call my honey or sweetheart, I'll grab on to my pussy hat and plant myself at the Hart Plaza to stage a protest.

On the other hand, in Florida they really pile on the southern hospitality. They can be so kind and thoughtful that their words come off as though dipped in sugar.

Theme Parks

I've lived in Florida years ago and remember how spoiled I was going Disney, Busch Gardens and Wet N Wild on a regular bases. Thank you resident pass!

As a Floridian you eventually get desensitized and even come to find these parks overrated. But now I see how much time and coordination it takes to schedule a trip down there.

From hotels to transportation, the costs at up. It truly makes me appreciate the times when the parks were basically in my backyard.


When is comes to cities in Florida, Miami is a whole different beast. It's more fast paced and has a significant cultural influence that's unique from the rest of the state.

The beaches are beautiful the colors are loud and the nights long and hot. Also the party never seems to end down there.

South Beach is as good a destination as any visit but it's much better doing so off season when there's no crown. That way you can take it all in, cruising past the neon lights.

Short Shorts

There's a saying in Florida, the shorter the shorts, the closer to god. So it's safe to say almost everyone's going to heaven. I remember moving to Michigan with 13 shorts and not a single pair of jeans.

I was actually very proud of myself for being a true Floridian and being ill equipped for the midwestern climate. Sadly I adapted and shorts don't make half my closet.


There are many things I love about Detroit, but what took time for me to appreciate is the fact that it's a concrete jungle with a lot of history. When I went to Florida to visit, I loved the palm trees everywhere and even the fruit stands set up by the highway.

Florida is known for its abundant flora and fauna and it's something I miss up here especially in the winter months.

Vacation Station

During my visit back to the sunshine state, I stayed at a resort in Orlando. It was one of many in Celebration Florida. The whole town feels like an extension of the airport.

It's full or hotels and resorts with plenty of tourist traps and gift shops scattered all over the place. There's tons available for you to do during your stay and I'd venture outside of the town to experience what Orlando has to offer.

Heading downtown or driving out to Cocoa Beach are what I'd recommend. Or you can take a shuttle to Epcot and enjoy the buffet at Capone's dinner and show.

Various Seafood

One of the spoils of living coastal is having an a abundance of seafood. Florida is one of many states that benefit from having access to marine life.

Maine, Maryland and Louisiana are known for having lots of crab and shrimp which I find especially delicious.

I definitely took advantage of that on my trip to Central Florida by visiting Clayton's Seafood because they always have fresh options. I'd say it's a local favorite, and they have complimentary beer for customers.

Colorful Architecture

I remember being in school in Miami and loving how colorful and expressive the buildings are. It's true Michigan has its fair share of beauty and the mural up here are fantastic, there's way more color expression in Florida.

I'm convinced it's because of how sunny it is down there. They compensate for it with a slew of yellow and orange buildings. That same color scheme would be a horror here, especially in the winter months.

Country Boys

I remember driving with some friends after class and turning on Spotify. Florida Georgia Line came on and before I could hit next in an attempt to hide my southern kinks, one friend gasped saying she loved them. While we belted out the lyrics to Dirt together, our friend stared at us in disbelief.

She like myself was an ex Floridian and we know that country boys are a rare breed. We know cowboys exist and know how to spot them. A country boy who an hunt, shoot and fish is pretty much the total package. If you've ever seen The Pioneer Women, then you'd understand.


Florida's a great place, although sometimes I think about how I was able to live there for so many years. Living in a fast paced city atmosphere has changed me. Seriously I remember thinking the traffic lights in Orlando were broken because they took forever.

So whenever I go visit, I try to focus on what makes Florida unique in my eyes. Be it the near perfect weather, the laid back atmosphere or the vibrant nightlife. It's a fun place that reminds me to enjoy life because they're beauty in every day and we should try to enjoy more of it.

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