10 Reasons To Become A Resident Assistant
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10 Reasons To Become A Resident Assistant

Because there is simply no experience more rewarding.

10 Reasons To Become A Resident Assistant

With the Spring semester rapidly approaching (if not beginning for some), many schools are beginning to start the process of hiring new resident assistants for their residence halls. Although this may not initially interest many, there are an unbelievable number of benefits associated with becoming an RA. While there is no doubt the position has many challenges, the experience is certainly like none other and can help one grow and develop in unimaginable ways. Here are just a few of the many reasons one should consider becoming an RA.

1. Learn to mediate and deal with conflict.

As a resident assistant, dealing with conflict is sometimes associated with the job. While this may be daunting to some, the skills acquired being an RA allow one to handle any situation. These skills not only assist you throughout your time as an RA, but are also invaluable throughout your professional, working and personal life.

2. Develop speaking skills and the ability to interact with new people.

Speaking to people, particularly new people, can be difficult for some; however, there is no better way to develop these skills than by placing oneself in situations that require the ability to speak. Being an RA most certainly fits the bill and requires one to speak to staff members, residents, parents, etc. This may be scary at first, but, before you know it, these interactions will come very easily.

3. Learn to handle responsibility.

Being an RA means being personally responsible for the wellbeing of your community as well as the safety of your residence hall while on duty. Having such responsibility forces one to step up in many situations and handle the responsibility associated with the position. Developing such a skill is pivotal and will help one as they progress in life, particularly in the workplace where one may be responsible for a team, group of people, or even an entire company!

4. Meet incredible people and develop relationships!

Perhaps the number one perk of becoming an RA is the absolutely incredible people you meet along the way. From residents, to fellow staff members, to professional staff members, there people you meet along the way will be some of the most incredible and gracious people one will ever meet. From these relationships, you will find some of your closest friends and grow as an RA and overall human being.

5. Build a community.

One of the fundamental roles an RA plays is the building of a community. Building a community requires time and effort, however, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing happy residents and knowing you played a role in making their college experience valuable and fulfilling.

6. Learn to work with a team.

In all aspects of life, being able to work with a team is essential to success. As an RA, you must work with a staff in order to accomplish goals and create a successful and fun environment. Being on an RA staff means learning flexibility, loyalty and communication, skills all can utilize throughout all aspects of life.

7. Grow as a leader.

Being a community builder also means being a leader. Leadership is a fundamental key to life and can play a pivotal role in success and growth. Furthermore, being an RA often means putting on programs for residents, which tests and utilizes leadership and people skills. In all aspects of the job, leadership can be developed and learned and there is no better way to grow as a leader than taking on the responsibility of a community.

8. The ability to have a serious impact on the lives of others.

There is no doubt, RAs play a major role in the lives of their residents. Whether you are involved in a residents transition to college life, put on a program they love, or are there for them when they need it the most, being an RA allows one to have a lasting impact on the lives of so many and there is simply nothing more rewarding.

9. Develop professional skills.

As an RA, one must learn to craft professional e-mails, speak to professional staff, and handle confidential situations, all pivotal to success later in life. As an RA, completing these tasks as well as a plethora more, is a requirement of the job and will be practiced and perfected, allowing one to stand out and operate successfully in a professional setting.

10. Have an amazing time with amazing people.

What more needs to be said! Being an RA allows one to meet incredible and life-changing people in all aspects of the job. These relationships could result in life-long friendships, networking opportunities, and endless laughs and inside jokes. There is simply no experience more rewarding and one certainly won't regret making the decision to take on the role as a resident assistant.

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