10 Reasons For Summertime Sadness
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10 Reasons For Summertime Sadness

10 Reasons For Summertime Sadness

Saying, "summer's over," is pretty much as taboo as saying the name of, "he who must not be named," in Harry Potter. It shatters hearts. 

Alas, the day we all have been dreading since our last spring semester final ended: the end of summer. No more waking up at 1 p.m. every day, burning to a crisp at the Jersey Shore or drinking margaritas on NYC rooftop bars. Cue the violins, please. 

It's time to go back to school, kids, no matter how much we try to fight it. We hoped the summer would last forever. We finally understand what Lana meant by "Summertime Sadness." Shall I list all the reasons for our tears? 

1. Waving goodbye to our perpetual bronze glows. Maybe our memories will never fade, but our tans sure will. No matter how much you lather yourself with lotion, you will, eventually, have to embrace Pale City, once again. 

2. Sleepless nights are here again. Twelve hours of sleep can't be a thing anymore once class starts up again. Your alarm will become your worst enemy, and your snooze button will become your best friend. Brace yourselves for the return of bags under your eyes. 

3. Beach days are over, done. Oh, what I wouldn't give to feel the sand between my toes or the ice cold ocean water against my feet. Those are the moments that make life worth living. 

4. There's no longer a socially acceptable reason to eat ice cream every day of the week. You're 100 percent lying if you say that you didn't eat an absurd amount of ice cream, this summer. Ice cream is the staple of a summer diet. Whether you prefer that non-fat, no sugar, no-cal stuff ,that's so trendy these days, or the real thing, parting with your preferred frozen treat is gonna suck. 

5. Free time? What's that? Even if you had a full time internship, odds are, you had some free time this summer. During the year, that's hardly ever the case. When you're not in class, you're doing homework, or running to a newspaper meeting, or at some mandatory sorority event, or cooking yourself dinner, or crying yourself to sleep over how busy you are. Ugh.  

6. High school gossip. No matter how much we complain about those painfully awkward high school run-ins, we all secretly get a thrill from gossiping about those girls we hated in high school. It's always fun to count the number of girls who have gotten engaged since we graduated.  

7. No more BBQs. Is there any better feeling in the world than taking that first bite of a freshly-grilled hamburger? I'm salivating just thinking about it. No more homemade potato salad, fresh fruit sangria or juicy watermelon. That's enough to bring me to tears. 

8. Summertime and the clothes are breezy. My favorite part about summer was that I could get away with rarely wearing pants. Throwing on a sundress, flip flops and some oversized shades really captured the best of both worlds: style and comfort. Always remember, pants are the enemy. 

9. College = social interaction = no more binge-watching Netflix. This one hits real close to home, as I spent this summer finishing The Office and Parenthood. I was completely enthralled with both shows and experienced mild depression when I could no longer hit Next Episode. Thanks for having my back this summer, Netflix. 

10. Home is where the heart is. As much as I try to fight it, being home does have its perks. It's nice to come home to a home-cooked meal, spend time with your siblings, who seem to be growing up too fast, and walk around the town you grew up in. Blame it on sentimentality or nostalgia, but there really is no place like home.

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