10 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season
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10 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season

10 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season

Whether or not you agree that summer is the best season, I'm going to give some reasons why I think it is. I may be biased because I'm a lifeguard and because I love to be outside, but summer is when hair gets lighter, skin gets darker and life gets better. I love spending days by the pool reading a good book or hiking in the evening when the weather cools off. In the summer, stress is gone, and it's time to have fun and to do all the things you procrastinated during the school year. You can hang out with friends and not have to worry about homework being due or going to class. So even if you hate summer, sit back for a few minutes and take a look at why I think summer is the best season. You may be surprised at why I think the way I do about summer.

1. The weather

Everything about the weather is better than the spring or the winter. In the fall, in the morning, it's cold so you have to wear a jacket, but by mid-day, you're sweating. The spring is too cold do anything like swimming, so it's not so great. Winter—well, let's just state the obvious—the snow! It may be because I'm a lifeguard but warmer weather is what I long for. For shorts and sunglasses and swimsuits!

2. The food

Everything about summer food is fabulous! I love eating summer salads; there's nothing I like better on a sweaty hot summer day than a light salad and some strawberry lemonade. It's light and refreshing! Also, the fruit! I love any kind of fruit really, but the strawberries and watermelon are what makes summer so great! You can make strawberries more fun by putting it in a tasty smoothie for a great and healthy breakfast

3. No school

One of the greatest things about summer is you can finally relax and take a break from all that horrendous school work! No more final exams, no more 8 a.m. classes! You can finally turn off that alarm clock and hit the mute on your phone! Granted, you may have to take some summer classes, but they're not as bad!

4. Pool days

Whether you like swimming or not, at some point during the summer you'll probably find yourself laying by the pool and relaxing. This is the perfect opportunity to work on that tan or to read up on a good book. You can grab your favorite swimsuit, towel and sunglasses, and head to your local pool!

5. Work

Believe it or not, work is one of the best things about summer, too! I love going to work! Whether you like your job or not, you're saving up for the school year, and you'll appreciate that extra money when fall comes around.

6. Hanging out with friends

During the school year, you may not have had much time to hang out with friends, but during the summer, it's all you want to do! It seems like every other day you may be hanging out with them, but that's OK. Your closeness shouldn't die over the summers, it should be a time for friendship awesomeness!

7. Spending time with family

Whether you want to believe it or not, you missed your family during the school year. You missed your parents nagging you and you missed your siblings! Summer is a great time to catch up and bond with them again before you head back to school in the fall! And you don't mind spending some time at home either!

8. Actually having time to work out

It's hard to find time to work out during the school year. However, the summer is when I try to really get back in the gym. It's nice to feel refreshed and great about yourself when the weather starts to warm up! After all, it is swimsuit season!

9. Getting tan

The summer is the perfect time to work on that tan you've been waiting for all year. The sun is hot but that's OK with me. I long for days to lay out and work on darkening that skin tone and waiting for my hair to get lighter. There's something about getting a little bit of tan and lot more freckles that makes it feel like summer.

10. Just summer

At some point during the year I just wish it could be summer. Summer may be short, but it's what I love most. Everything just seems to be better in the summer. Stress is gone the radio goes up and worries go away.

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