10 Ways Your Sister Is Your Built-In Best Friend

10 Ways Your Sister Is Your Built-In Best Friend

There are so many reasons why having a sister is the best, but I narrowed it down to the ten BEST reasons.

Having a sister is the absolute BEST. I was lucky enough to share a room with my sister pretty much our whole lives. Of course, I didn’t like sharing a room all the time, but in the end, it made us become much closer. There are so many reasons why having a sister is the best, but I narrowed it down to the ten best reason why I’m so lucky to have a sister!

1. Family events aren’t boring

There are those days when your parents (love you guys) will drag your family out to who-knows-where and have “family bonding”. This can be annoying, but if you have your best friend, aka your sister, the day will be bearable.

2. Sharing clothes

Your closet doubles when you have a sister! The struggle is real when a sister goes to college because you lose half of your closet. Sometimes I will steal some of my sister’s shoes before I go to college because I wear them more (sorry Ali-love you!!!)

3. New Music

This may be my favorite part of having a sister. We have a similar music taste, so she sends me new music all the time! Bonding over music is the best kind of bonding.

4. Someone to do your hair

There is nothing worse than not knowing if the back of your hair is straight because you can’t reach. When you have a sister, she is able to check the back of your hair and get the pieces that aren’t completely straight.

5. She’s known you longer than anyone, so she gets you

Anytime I’m struggling or having a crisis, I can call my sister because she will know exactly what to do. She knows how my brain works, so she knows how to calm me down.

6. You have someone to share your secrets with

The bond between two sisters is unreal. Secrets told will go to the grave with your sister. You never have to worry about her telling your secrets, and you would never share hers!

7. Nights full of laughter

Like I said, my sister and I shared a room our whole lives. There were so many nights we didn’t want to go to bed so we would stay up watching funny videos or just telling each other funny stories we have made up.

8. Inside jokes

There are about a million inside jokes you two have that no one will understand, and that’s okay!

9. She'll be honest with you

Because she loves you so much, your sister will be brutally honest with you. Even though you don’t want to hear it, it’s what you need to hear.

10. She’ll never judge you

Your sister has seen you at your weirdest, so you know she will never judge you. You can be yourself around her, and it’s the best.
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4 Reasons Why Dads Threatening Their Daughters' Boyfriends Aren't Funny

No guns, threats, or creepy infringement on their privacy necessary.

This week, former NFL player Jay Feely caught Twitter's attention by posting a picture with his daughter and her prom date and a handgun.

While the comedic undertones of the photo are obvious, Twitter had a lot to say about the picture and most people weren't happy.

He has since issued a statement of clarification after the tweet went viral, acknowledging that gun safety is an important issue and clarifying that he was in fact joking. Unfortunately, though, the damage had already been done.

Feely is far from the only dad who's ever made this joke. It's a largely prevalent theme specifically among gun owners and in country music. Check out the song "Cleaning This Gun" for another example. It's catchy, I have to admit, I just listened to it again voluntarily the other day even though I don't agree with the central message.

But what's really the matter with this picture? After all, it's just dads being dads, right? Wrong. The political, historical, and gender-specific rhetoric behind the idea of dads protecting their daughters by threatening their boyfriends have all combined to create a lot of things wrong with this picture. Here are 4 of them.

1. Gun violence is no laughing matter

This theme has come up over and over and over again this year but it's one that continues to be relevant and timely. Gun violence is a very real issue, with thousands of deaths, dozens of mass shootings, and deep political biases, making it far from a joke. While there is a major difference between the handgun in Feely's picture and the assault weapons that have been at the center of recent mass shootings, threatening to shoot someone, particularly an unarmed teenager, is just poor humor.

2. Parents do not get a say in their daughters' sexual choices

From chastity rallies at churches to purity balls entrusting their sexual purity to their dads to presenting "virginity certificates" to dads at weddings (hint, you can't medically prove someone's a virgin), parents' obsession with their daughters' sexual behaviors, not their sons', mind you, just their daughters, is creepy, intrusive, and disgusting.

Decisions about whether or not to engage in sexual activity, at any point from high school to marriage and on to the rest of their lives, is up to the two people involved, not the parents, the church, the government, or any outside parties. By reinforcing the idea that the parent is in control of these decisions that their kids are supposed to make for themselves, parents like these are perpetuating archaic ideals, destroying the trust their children have in them, and setting them up for destructive sexual behavior down the line.

3. There is an extremely obvious (and dangerous) sexual double standard between boys and girls

While young women are told to guard their purity and that engaging in sexual activity makes them less worthwhile people, boys are encouraged to use sexual conquests to assert their dominance and their behaviors are not focused on nearly as much by parents, religious organizations, or sexual education programs.

If women are taught to remain virginal until marriage and homosexuality is frowned down upon, who exactly are these boys supposed to be having sexual conquests with? Beats me.

4. Sexual repression and rape culture go hand-in-hand

These parents criticize their daughters for participating in safe, monogamous sexual relationships but do not give the same attention and threats to people that threaten their wellbeing. By teaching your daughter that she can't trust you, you're setting her up for trouble down the line.

While this entire situation could be passed off as a harmless joke that got a little out of hand, it's obvious that the problems run deep and can have a lasting effect, especially on the girl at the center of the "joke." Bottom line, trust your kids. Believe that they have the self-respect and the critical thinking skills to make healthy relationship decisions and support them in making them. No guns, threats, or creepy infringement on their privacy necessary.

Cover Image Credit: Jay Feely: Twitter

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4 Life Lessons You Learn When You Have An Older Brother

The fights over the remote are worth it in the end.

Despite the number of times I may have thrown up my hands and wished to be an only child, there's no denying that there are plenty of valuable life lessons and other perks that come with having an older brother.

1. Your parents definitely treat you differently

All parents like to say that they have no favorites among their children. While this may be true, it is also true that many people's parenting styles can change drastically from their firstborn child compared to their second.

Parents are typically more lax and at ease with their younger children, at least in my experience. My brother's protests from when he was younger also carried over quite conveniently to my own childhood, letting me have better after-school snacks then he did and the right to watch TV during dinner that he fought hard for.

2. You learn not to take life so seriously

Older brothers were genetically designed to make fun of you for something or another ever two five seconds, whether it's for something stupid you did five years ago or accidentally tripping over your own feet at a family reunion yesterday.

Personally, between taping trash to each other's doors and my brother making goofy faces in every picture we attempt to take together, I've learned there are times in life when it's okay to be silly, weird, or even a little annoying, as long as you don’t take it too far.

3. You get ready for the real world

The real world can be challenging.There will always be people who push your buttons or test your limits or people who are brutally honest and blunt about what they think of you.

Having an older brother can help prepare you for that. Where your parents would normally praise your drawing skills when you were little, he'd be the first to point out that your finger-painting looks like an elephant having a seizure.

I'd like to hope that the years of being told there's a bee behind me when there's actually nothing there, being forced to walk through the bushes where there are spiderwebs to retrieve a soccer ball, and being fake-pushed off mountains on numerous occasions at family vacations have prepared me for what the rest of the world might have to offer.

4. At the end of the day, there's always someone around to have your back

As much as your brother may see you as his annoying little sister who leaves her clothes on the bathroom floor, you know that when all is said and done you have someone around to help you out.

Having an older brother, or an older sibling in general, means there's someone around to inspire you, toughen you up when you need it, and stick up for you.

And also steal the remote to switch the channel to something you don't like.

Cover Image Credit: My iPhone

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