10 Reasons Obama Needs A Third Term
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10 Reasons Obama Needs A Third Term

Because after watching this current election, we're really not ready to see him go.

10 Reasons Obama Needs A Third Term

Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, unaffiliated or one of the several people who pencils in Mickey Mouse at the polls, it is hard to not love Obama. Obama is probably the coolest president we have ever had, and although I know technically he can't have a third term, here are 10 reasons why we should change the system and let him because he totally should.

1. He's A Brilliant Speaker

Obama is highly articulate and also knows how to make a point with his speeches. He speaks in a calm manner that is easy to follow with his slower pacing, yet he still manages to express his passion and inspire others. And not for nothing, but he looks great with an American flag in the background.

2. He's Hilarious

His sense of humor might have been one of the first few things to win me over. It shows that not only is he a leader, but he's also a team player who is willing to go on our silly TV shows to humor us and have fun, making America love him even more.

3. He Loves Babies And Babies Love Him

Regardless of where he is and what is happening, Obama seems to always be ready to play with kids or hold adorable babies. This not only results in adorable pictures, but it also shows America how truly loving and wonderful he is as a human.

4. He's A Great Storyteller

This might be my favorite thing ever. Here you can see our president reading a classic book to children. Such commitment. Bravo! Brava!

5. He Is Down To Dance

Can this man be any cooler? Not only is he not above hanging out with the beloved Ellen on her awesome talk show, but he also is down to get his groove on with her to Destiny's Child. My heart.

6. His Sass

This sass only results in the best memes. Haters gonna hate!

7. He Can Handle The Haters And Then Inspire Them

I'd say he should have taken the mic off and dropped it after that, but honestly, every time I watch this, I keep watching because he's so good at speaking.

8. What He Represents As Our First Black President

Since it was founded, this country has been filled with racial divisions, and the scars and racism are still very much present today. Having a black president is a massive step in the right direction for this country, so why shouldn't we celebrate it a little longer? It speaks volumes about our progress as a nation, and he will be an important part of American history forever. Please let him stay!

9. He Believes In Gender Equality

He has talked publicly about this and its importance countless times. He has even discussed how ridiculous it is that tampons are taxed as a luxury item. You go, Glen Coco.

10. He Has Been Bettering America

Obama has been working since before he came into office on improving this country. More recently, he has been speaking about his effort to close Guantanamo. Although this is only one of his many important efforts, it is definitely one of the most important. This is a big and controversial move, especially now in this country with the larger presence of Islamophobia. But he is publicly acknowledging the fact that there is no need for it, it isn't effective, it is a major burden financially and it causes conflicts in our relations with other countries. It is still doing more damage than good, and he has been working to get rid of it.

The next president is going to have some very big shoes to fill following this man. He is not only capable of making great changes for America, but during his time has actually succeeded in changing things and kick-starting highly important projects. He has improved the country in a number of ways and managed to do so while also being an awesome role model for the rest of us. Cheers to you, Obama. We're going to miss you.

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