In light of the recent election, many of you may have noticed some familiar faces popping up all over the internet. Yes, I'm talking about the ever-so-lovely Barack Obama and Joe Biden memes. Over the past eight years, this president and vice president have been through a whole lot together, so much so that their friendship has become a part of us. In fact, they've become the prime definition of best friend goals. And here are 5 real life examples and 5 more just for your entertainment.

1.They go to lunch together.

AND they match, like how cute is that?

2. They're basically the next hit rap duo.

Spitting straight fire since '08.

3. All best friends take selfies together.

Now imagine this with snapchat filters...10000x better.

4. Joe is the best hype man there ever was.

When the haters try and knock you down, everyone needs a best friend who makes the situation seem 100x greater than it really is.

5. They go to basketball games together.

They're just so happy. Who doesn't want to be that happy?

6. Joe gets us to bring out our inner philosopher.

Seriously who comes up with this stuff?

7. They let us know you're never too old for a classic prank.

We might as well try and have fun while we still can.

8. Best friends that work out together stay together.

Forget joining a gym, just work out in the office.

9. They help us to make light of what may come in the future.

Seriously guys, the end is near and we must laugh while we can.

10. Friendship bracelets. Need I say more?

It's got a pizza charm, totes adorbs.

So I hope you enjoyed these 10 reasons to love out current president and vice president even more. Now go find your best friend and record a quick mixtape.