1. They drove you around for sixteen years until you got your license.

And we tested their limits every. single. car. ride.

2. And they then taught you how to drive...

...which deserves an award on its own.

3. They get dinner on the table every night.

No matter how busy they are, dinner is always on the table.

4. They are our biggest cheerleaders.

Even for the smallest achievements.

5. They forgive us for absolutely everything we do.

Thanks for forgiving me... every single day.

6. They are the life of the party.

There is nothing better than a party full of moms.

7. They spoil you rotten on Christmas, and your birthday, and pretty much every day of the year.

And they ALWAYS find a way to outdo themselves.

8. They are the only ones who can find your lost keys when you're trying to leave quickly.

Nothing is truly lost until your mom can't find it, right?

9. They are always there as a shoulder to cry on.

Somehow, they are just so comforting.

10. And, most importantly, they are just plain awesome.

Happy (early) Mother's Day to all of the selfless, amazing, beautiful moms out there!