Regardless of your political affiliation or who you're voting for on November 8th, I think we can all agree on one thing: Morgan Freeman is basically the coolest guy ever. So, I've put together a quick little list of why Morgan Freeman would be my choice for the next President of the United States.

1. He's Super Calm

Morgan Freeman is basically renowned for his awesome voice and completely calm demeanor in interviews and in real life. I would love someone that cool and collected in office!

2. He has the Best Voice Ever

I mean, he's the voice of God, he narrates everything, and he's all around just pleasing to listen to. He'll tell you all about science and the government and you'll be like, "yeah man".

3. He Served in the Air Force

Yup, that's right - Morgan Freeman served as a mechanic in the U.S. Air Force from 1955 - 1959. He's done good for the country from an early age. And, being a mechanic in the Air Force is just cool.

4. He Knows How to be Authoritative

Okay, so I should clarify by saying he's played a lot of authoritative roles. But, from one actor speaking about another, you can learn a lot from the roles you play. I mean seriously, he's played the President! Twice! Not to mention, he's portrayed the other two branches of government on screen as well.

5. He Speaks Fluent French

This guy can probably get along with anyone, AND he speaks another language, (a really difficult one at that). I don't know about you, but I think he'd do pretty well in regards to foreign relations.

6. He's Donated to Educational Programs

Freeman started an organization called the River Rock Foundation, through which he's donated millions of dollars to educational programs. So, needless to say, he supports education.

7. A Founder of PLAN!T NOW

PLAN!T NOW is an organization that Freeman was a founder of that emphasizes and helps citizens in preparing for natural disasters. It was originally founded after hurricane Katrina as a way to raise money after the disaster. I think we need someone who's that ready to help.

8. He Says It How It Is

It's no secret that Morgan Freeman is super smart. He also says just what he feels and what he means to say, but he has a unique way of being kind while being up-front. He's eloquent and personable, but he'll definitely tell you off if you're wrong. He'll just be really nice about it.

9. He Has His Private Pilot's License

This one is just awesome. Getting your private pilot's license takes dedication - and, there's no need for Air Force One!

10. He's Humble

Along with being known for his epic voice and calm demeanor, Freeman is renowned for being very humble. When told that he's been considered the "greatest living actor in film", his general reply is that he's "just lucky". That's the kind of person we need. Selfless, funny, philanthropic, intelligent, and humble. Let's write him onto the ballot!