10 Reasons To Miss The Bay Area
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10 Reasons To Miss The Bay Area

We call it the "Bae Area" for a reason.

10 Reasons To Miss The Bay Area
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No matter where you have moved to or for what reason, it is certain that you miss your home and your familiar stomping ground. While everyone else just misses their bed and their dog, your heart also aches for your city and everything included within it. You have recently realized that moving away from the adored, magnificent Bay Area has made you appreciate it all the more. Can't wait to get back to these 10 things? I can't either.

1. The Food

First and foremost, it is expected that you miss the food most of all. You have a list of restaurants you need to go to the second you return to your beloved homeland. You can't wait to sink your teeth into a kernel of sweet, juicy corn that's surrounded by ooey, gooey cheese that is contained within a slice of Cheeseboard pizza in Berkeley. You can hardly wait to get your hands on a scoop of Smitten Ice Cream and drown yourself in ShareTea or Boba Guys. Oh, and who could forget about the Mexican Food?! It's no doubt that La Taqueria in the Mission District is also near the top of your list.

2. The People

You've probably also found yourself longing to be surrounded by the eccentric Bay Area folk that you think so fondly of. You miss the businessmen of the financial district, the rollerbladers of Golden Gate Park, the hippies of Berkeley, and even the craziest homeless people.

3. Your Family

Even though you miss the San Franpsychos and other strangers of the Bay, you of course miss your family at home as well. Even though they are probably a bunch of loons compared to the families you've met in your boring new town, you love them nonetheless and you can't help but look forward to a reunion.

4. The Lingo

It is no doubt that you miss being able to say "hella" without being made fun of. You've also found that people don't use "dank" and "hyphy" the way you do and when you refer to "the city", people have no idea where you're talking about. Just take me back to the 510 already.

5. The Coffee

Philz? Artis? Blue Bottle? Four Barrel? Someone get me a good ol' cuppa joe, stat.

6. The Hikes

What better way to add variety to the city life than to go for a beautiful and cleansing hike? It's free, relaxing, and one of the best things about living in the Bae Area. Tilden, Grizzly Peak, the Marin Headlands and more are all calling your name.

7. The Arts and Entertainment

Although your new city may have a great music venue and a few awesome museums, you can't help but long for The de Young, SF MOMA, and the Legion of Honor. You can't believe you took all of the original works that have graced your presence for granted. Not only that, but you're dying for a good concert because your favorite musicians just seem to skip your new city every tour. And don't forget about all the free music festivals and fairs.

8. Karl

You undoubtably recall the love/hate relationship you had with the Bay Area fog, although now that you look back on it, you have nothing but love for the glorious Karl.

9. Your Friends

You miss your gang, your squad, your crew of OG homies. You miss the crazy nights with them just as much as the calm ones. You certainly can't wait to get back to them and share all of your memories and inside jokes. It's really just not the same without them.

10. The Views

Whether Twin Peaks, Lawrence Hall of Science, Grizzly Peak, or even just your roof was your go-to, you long for the gorgeous views your homeland has to offer and their restoring, purifying, and relaxing effect.

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