10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog in College

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog in College

College can be ruff, but dogs are always there to save the day!

Oh, the great dog debate.

Should you bring your dog to college? Should you get a dog in college? Should you just wait until you have kids? The answer to these questions is up to you, but here's my personal top 10 reasons to have a dog in college:

1. Man's best friend. Literally dogs make you feel like you're the ONLY thing in the world that matters the second you walk through the door. They love you, jump on you and just want to hang with you. Dogs make you feel like a million bucks, especially on those crummy days when you need to feel loved.


2. Cuddle buddy. If you don't have a significant other (or even if you do), pups make the BEST cuddle buddies. They just want to snuggle up close and take a nap. They're also the best listeners... as long as you keep scratching their belly.


3. Play dates. If your friends are busy, dogs ALWAYS want to hang outside. 


4. Halloween costumes. Yes, the ability to play dress up is reason enough to have a dog in college. There is nothing funnier than a dog in a costume. Why? I'm not sure. Don't believe me? Go look up dog's in costumes. 


5. Excuse for solo walks. When you aren't a runner but want to get some outdoor exercise, it can be a little awkward walking solo-style. But with a dog, no one ever questions you. Your dog must be walked, right?  

6. Meet your future spouse. If a guy walks a dog, every girl WILL stop and WILL pet the puppy. But it's not just a tool for men. Everyone is a sucker for cute dogs. Just the other day, a guy stopped his car - literally stopped in the middle of the road - to ask what kind of dog I had. Even if the guy doesn't like dogs, he can pretend to be interested just to talk to you.

7. You're never alone. I mean I may or may not have snuck my dog into class using my backpack... and I definitely take her into stores on a regular basis.  I literally never have to go anywhere alone.


8. Excuse to be antisocial (because we all need them every now and then, and we can't blame our parents anymore). "I can't... I have to go take care of my dog."  Then you proceed to ignore your social life and take pictures of your dog in a hammock.

9. Snapchat. 
Seriously though. Funny animal pictures will NEVER be annoying. 


10. Instagram. You know those artsy dog pics rack up the "likes."


...and if you're not a dog person, you can always opt for a Bearded Dragon.
(Hi Sarah and Oscar)

A special shout out to my Pi Phis and their dogs (and bearded dragon):

Storey and Abby DeShazo

Maggie and Brandi Bear King

Gracie and Boots Bower

Sarah and @OscarMeyerDragon Baldwin

And to the one I call "Ewok," "Swamp Monster," "Chewbacca," "Creature," and "Lu," my little diva, Lulu. You've been the weirdest, ugliest, cutest, cuddliest pup to ever walk the face of the earth - even though I'm pretty sure you're an alien.

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Sunset Skies And Salty Skin

These pictures will almooooost make you feel like you're on vacation.

Everyone has a happy place right? Mine is by a beach. Always has been, always will.

I think the beach has something magical about it and it always has a way of making any big problem seem small. My family goes to the beach be it rainy, sunny, cold or hot- Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. I think that's why it's my go-to place.

But Chloe, please tell us why you're going on and on about the beach.

Well, I just spent a week of my Spring Break at the beach and turns out it wasn't enough time. I'm extremely nostalgic right about now.

Can you tell?

Considering I'm going through a very hard time and not dealing well with spring break withdrawal, I thought I would try a little experiment.

I'm gonna use Odyssey as my therapy.


Below is a compilation of pretty Sunset pictures that I've taken in the past. I'm hoping that by just viewing the image, it'll help me (and hopefully you as well) make it through the next couple of weeks (i.e. until Summer).

Now, excuse me while I play background music that sounds like I'm in the Caribbean and continue to stare at these pictures until I magically get transported back to a beach somewhere.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain: I would say the view isn't that shabby...

Cahors, France: Can you say Cotton candy skies?

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina: My all time happy place.

Somewhere along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. But here's the catch: this is actually a sunrise picture — I just thought it was pretty.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina: Did I tell you guys that this is my happy place? No? Because it is.

Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.: Not minding these views at all.

Somewhere along the coast in Maryland: One of the top sunsets I've ever seen, the pictures don't do it justice.

Well, turns out the pictures weren't the 100% reality but they were close enough. I guess I'll just have to content myself with 1) staycation 2) Charlottesville sunsets. Which 1) can be a lot of fun, time to explore Charlottesville as much as I can until I graduate and 2) the sunsets here are also out of this world.

I guess it's time to stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side and appreciating what I have in front of me!

But hey, I'm human and I like tropical drinks on sandy beaches. Can ya blame me?

Cover Image Credit: Chloe Laird

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