1. Everyone tries to combine your presents!

2. Whatever you ask for for your birthday and Christmas is all you will get for a whole year!

3. If your birthday is over winter beak then it never gets acknowledged by teachers, classmates or coworkers.

4. You run the risk of being sick on your birthday!

5. When your relatives give you your Christmas present and don’t even acknowledge that your birthday just passed/is coming up.

6. All your friends are too busy being out of town or with holiday parties to celebrate.

7. The weather is usually too terrible to go out and have fun.

*Bonus reasons if you’re a Christmas Eve baby!*

8. You have to go to church every year on your birthday.

9. Most of the time you have to celebrate weeks before or weeks after your actual birthday.

10. Christmas Eve is all about celebrating Christmas with your family. No one cares that it’s your birthday.