10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Nepal
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10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Nepal

Update your travel diary with breathtaking mountains, picturesque historical sites, delicious cuisines and unforgettable memories.

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Nepal
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Are you a curious soul who loves exploring different cultures or an adventurer with a speeding flow of adrenaline? Are you a historian looking for inspiration or a student looking to volunteer or study abroad? Are you an avid traveler on a tight budget or someone looking for a lavish summer vacation destination? Are you a foodie trying different cuisines or a vagabond with a 'snazzy' backpack looking for a perfect gateway?

Nepal is a perfect destination for every kind of traveler. From those who just want to see a new country, to those with deep interest in history, languages, adventure, philosophy, food or religion - Nepal is for everyone.

Here are 10 out of the one million reasons why you should pack your bags and travel to Nepal as soon as possible:

1. The Unparalleled Hospitality

I am not even exaggerating when I say that Nepali people are the warmest. We take hospitality really seriously and will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable and at home. We believe in Sanskrit verse "Atithi Devo Bhava" which translates to "The guests are like gods." You will meet people who will put your needs before theirs and that level of hospitality is hard to find elsewhere.

2. The Affordability

Nepal is affordable destination even if you are on a tight budget. The current exchange rate is 106.7 Nepali rupees for one US dollar. So, if you save a bit, you will be able to afford a good resort, awesome food, an informative tour and much more. For Just $150 a night, you can stay at 3-5 star resorts even during peak season in the valley. The more affordable resorts are still great. The food is not expensive either. 500 rupees (equivalent to $5) will buy 2-3 people a really nice meal, even in a fancy restaurant.

3. The Diversity

Nepal is extremely diverse in terms of location, food, language, culture and religion. Nepal is one of the few countries where Muslims, Hindus, Christians and all the other religions coexist peacefully. In terms of location, the mountains, hills and plains are very different from each other and have their own specialties to offer. If you like learning about different cultures, languages and religions, Nepal will be a haven for you. We may be individuals, but we have one thing in common: our love for each other.

4. The Picturesque Cities

Whether you are in Kathmandu where the history meets the ever growing urban life, or in Pokhara by the lake, or into the wild inside Chitwan National Park , or somewhere in the mountains, every place is a treat to your eyes. There is so much to see in Nepal. Aside from Kathmandu, I recommend you to go to places like Chitwan, Pokhara, Gorkha, Jomson, Manang, and Mustang.

5. The Food

Every time I sit to write or even talk about food from back home, words fail me. I cannot capture the essence of the food in muggle words. I cannot find adjectives majestic enough. I don't think anyone who has tried "Dal Bhat Tarkari" (Nepali rice, lentils, vegetables, meat and pickle) has ever complained about Nepali food. In addition, there are godly mo:mos (Nepali/Tibetan dumplings), which will be your favorite food once you try them. There are choilas, aloo sadheko, sel puri, chyang, khasi ko masu, aloo ko achar, maas ko dal, panipuri, chana chatpate, and so much more to please your taste buds. Nepal is a true paradise for a foodie.

Nepali food is similar to some degree, but tastes very different from Indian food.

6. The Mountains

Because home is where the mountains are.

Nepal has some of the Worlds tallest mountains- Mount Everest(8848 M), Mount Kanchenjunga(8586 M), Lhotse( 8516 M), Makalu(8481 M), Dhaulagiri(8167 M), Manaslu(8163 M), Annapurna(8071 M). Think of mountains, and think of yourself climbing to the top. Think of trekking to the base camps and the views on the way. Think of literally being at the top of the world. Picture yourself at your hotel and the view of mountains from your window whether you are in the valley or the mountainous region. That is how majestic Nepal is.

7. The Wildlife

With many wildlife reserves, conservation areas and famous national parks, Nepal is one of the leading destinations in South Asia for wildlife Safaris. Many wildlife experts come to Nepal for tours and research. National Parks like Chitwan and Langtang are famous all over the world. Even if you're not curious about wildlife now, you will be after you spend time in our safari resorts and go for an elephant ride, boat ride, or jungle safari. There are many resorts in close to proximity to the parks that offer these activities in their packages.

8. The History and The Architecture

Nepal is many things: the birthplace of Buddha, the country with more than 10 world heritage sites, the land of living goddess 'Kumari'. Each of these places have their own stories, and their own unique architecture. Just imagine how much pleasing to your eyes and ears it would be to walk around these sites as your tour guide enlightens you of their history and significance.

9. The Adventure Sports

Bungee jumping, zip-lining, rafting, boating, hiking, paragliding, flying -- we have enough to quench your adrenaline. Just come here, already.

10. The People and their Values

Nepal went through a devastating 7.9 magnitude Earthquake in April last year, followed by very powerful aftershocks. It caused a lot of causalities, killing 8,000 people and injuring more than 21,000. But the people never lost their hope or their love. They helped each other through this difficult time and are helping rebuild the country. You will probably never experience this as a tourist, but the Nepali people experience 8-15 hours of power-cuts daily. They never complain. Their priorities have never been materialistic wealth, but always people.They don't believe in earning millions, they believe in earning blessings and love. They believe in friendships and not rivalry. There are people who will actually stay hungry to feed someone else who is starving. There are people who will sleep on the floor and make their guests sleep on their bed. It doesn't matter if you're Prince Harry, Selena Gomez, rich or poor, white or black, they will treat each individual guest like God.

You need to go to Nepal. It will force you to recognize and confront your privilege. It will make you see how you are taking your good life for granted. It will make you appreciate love and compassion. it will make you believe that we indeed rise by lifting others.

Time to pack your bag and leave for Nepal!

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