The world is filled with uncomfortable social situations that make us squirm. Some people feel awkward eating alone in a public place or tripping in front of others, while others (like me) dread the many different situations that occur in elevators. I know I can't be the only one who believes that elevators are the most awkward place on a college campus. Next time you decide to avoid the stairs, I'm sure you will encounter some of these scenarios.

1. Refraining from giving someone your worst dirty look when they hit the button, only to go up one floor.

2. Standing in the elevator, seeing someone walking your way, and silently hoping that the doors will shut before they get there.

3. But also pretending that you didn't see them so you don't look rude for not holding the door open.

4. Or when you're feeling extra social and you decide to hold the door and after they give you an awkward smile, you realize that they were planning on taking the stairs.

5. Starting a conversation with someone on the first floor, but feeling it slowly fade to where there is the "post-conversation awkward silence" that you have to deal with until you reach your floor.

6. When you're waiting to get on the elevator and you accidentally walk into the person getting off.

7. When you're on a completely silent elevator ride with only one other person and you convince yourself that they are judging everything about you.

8. When you are in a crowded elevator and you have to reach across several people to hit the button that you want.

9. When you ask a person what floor they need so you can hit the button but they have their headphones in and completely disregard your question.

10. You find yourself obsessively scrolling through your phone to feel less awkward throughout the elevator ride.

There is no doubt about it, elevators are awkward. However, maybe this is a good thing because it makes the stairs seem much more desirable.