10 Reasons College Students Love Thanksgiving
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10 Reasons College Students Love Thanksgiving

The season of leftovers... uh, I mean giving.

10 Reasons College Students Love Thanksgiving

It's that time of the year again. Ah, yes- Thanksgiving. Now that the season of giving is upon us, we, college students, have much to be excited for. After spending months at school, Thanksgiving break is exactly what we need, and here's why:

1. Sleeping in your own bed

As a college student, I can personally say that I highly value sleep and can never get enough of it. Thanksgiving break allows us to indulge in the comfort that our own bed provides. The best part of all is that there are no alarms when you're on break. Happy sleeping, my friends.

2. Home cooked meals

Nothing says Thanksgiving break like a home cooked meal. And not just any home cooked meal, but the best home cooked meal of the year. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes- oh my! And hey, nothing beats all those leftovers. Ditch the dining hall for a few days, and treat yourself to a gourmet feast.

3. Reuniting with home friends

Thanksgiving is the universal break for all. Almost every school has break for these few days, so the highly anticipated wait to reunite with childhood friends is over at long last. It's always nice to get away from your college friends for a few days and finally be back with the day one's.

4. Family time

After a long separation with the fam, we all look forward to spending quality time. There's nothing better than kickin' it with the only people in the world who won't judge you. Plus, your parents have missed you so much that they practically spoil you. #backhomeballer

5. Football

Thanksgiving also means football, and lots of it. What some like to call the great sport of America, football brings out the best and worst in people. We all have that one relative that gets a little too into the game, but we just let them be.

6. Babysitting opportunities

At this point in the year, we've all blown through our money quicker than we expected. All we can think about is how we'll get through the holidays making ends meet. Getting that phone call asking to babysit is what keeps us going. I mean, getting paid to sit around? How can one say no?

7. Black Friday deals

Speaking of low funds, us broke college students look for all the sales we can get. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for us to get those early Christmas gifts that we wouldn't be able to afford if they weren't ridiculously marked down.

8. Relaxation time

No school for a few days means no responsibilities. Finally, we get to kick our feet up and relax. We can watch Netflix for days and not feel guilty about being unproductive. Not to mention the snacks at home are on fleek.

9. Mental break before finals

We may have won the battle, (midterms), but we still have yet to face the war that is finals. We like to block out any thoughts of flashcards, the library or anything studious, for that matter. Thanksgiving break is our time to relax mentally before we face hellish finals.

10. Christmas is right around the corner

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, it's officially acceptable to be excited for Christmas. I mean, it's not like we've been counting the days since last Christmas or anything. Heh heh...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your holiday season, and remember to be thankful!

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