1. Your mom is farther away than a trip downstairs

2. The "home-cooked" food station in the dining hall just doesn't even compare to your mom's cooking

3. You constantly worry that your dog thinks you abandoned him/her

4. You miss the times when you could just hang out with your siblings and it didn't require a plane ticket

5. Receiving a selfie of your parents out to dinner without you is a shot to the heart

6. You miss your high school best friends so much that your heart aches

7. You realize all of the little things you took advantage of when you lived at home, like showers that had adequate water pressure and didn't require shoes

8. No matter how many mattress pads you add to your dorm bed, it will NEVER measure up to your bed at home

9. Transforming your room to an HGTV worthy living space still just doesn't make it feel like home

10. Even seeing someone post a picture of your favorite coffee shop from home leads to a meltdown of nostalgia