10 Reasons Bob The Drag Queen Earned Her Crown
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10 Reasons Bob The Drag Queen Earned Her Crown

10 Reasons Bob The Drag Queen Earned Her Crown

Last Monday we were given the answer to the greatest political question facing our nation: Who will be our newest Drag Superstar? Season eight of "RuPaul's Drag Race" has come to a close in one of the best seasons we've seen in awhile. A fight to the finish between Kim Chi, Bob The Drag Queen and that other one -- I mean, Naomi Smalls. All three queens earned their rightful place in the top three for some reason or another. Personally, I was in love with Kim Chi's incredible looks, and I appreciated Naomi's fashion roots. But in the end, I was #TeamBob.

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and we all know that regardless of who you are stanning for, every queen from this season will go on to have huge career opportunities just from being on the show. With that said, however, here are 10 fabulous reasons that Bob The Drag Queen earned her crown.

1. She was genuine.

From the beginning, Bob's thing was being humble, and for the most part, she was. She knew she was talented and worked hard and was unapologetic for it, but she never threw it in other queen's faces. Bob wasn't about to stand down and roll over, but if a queen needed her help or a shoulder, she was there. She fought to the top and proved she deserved to be there.

2. Charisma? Check.

Bob made us fall in love with her. Her comedy was on point, she served body (see Madonna runway), she wasn't a total bitch and she showed she was dedicated to her craft.

3. Uniqueness? Check.

Since crowning I have seen people lament over the fact that Bob is a comedy queen. But she's more than that. She isn't Bianca Del Rio (who will always reign over the Queendom). Her brand of comedy is different.

4. Nerve? Check Check.

She had nerve in spades. Bob was kind and genuine until you came for her, and then she didn't take any crap. She stood her ground.

5. Talent? Check -- times 10.

Bob had a lot of every category. Body? Check. Lipsyncing and dancing? Check. Comedy? Double check. She was the most well rounded queen on the show, by far, this season.

6. She's a drag queen baby boomer.

Bob admitted that she's only been doing drag since "Drag Race" started. That is actually pretty cool in my book. Because there is a whole generation of young LGBTQ people that are being recognized for the first time ever for who we are. People like Bob who aren't afraid to admit that they are still kind of new in the game make it easier for younger queens to enter the race. It shows that it doesn't matter how long you've been doing drag, just how hard you work.

7. Derrick vs. Bob.

Need I say more? You lived for this mini feud and you know it.

8. Snatch game.

Again, self explanatory. That was when we all realized that Bob was going to be there until the end and was going to snatch the crown.

9. Her finale lip sync.

This lip sync clinched it. No doubt. Kim Chi's "Fat, Fem, and Asian" was awesome and addressed actual issues in our community in a comical way and Naomi's "Legs" was great, too. But Bob's "I Don't Like To Show Off" was the end all be all of the competition.

10. Purse first!

She gave us all a new catchphrase, and y'all know you love it.

So, gentleman, stop your engines because the best woman won. I can't wait to see what this queen does in her year reigning over the Queendom. All hail Queen Bob, kitty girls.

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