The 10 Things We Want to See in The 'That's So Raven' Reboot
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The 10 Things We Want to See in The 'That's So Raven' Reboot

Oh Snap!

The 10 Things We Want to See in The 'That's So Raven' Reboot
That's So Raven

It's time to break out your chunky wedges and embroidered denim jackets because it's official; "That's So Raven" is making its way back to our televisions! Former Disney Channel screen queen and now activist Raven-Symone confirmed this past week on the 'The View' that she would be portraying everyone's favorite teen psychic once again in a new, untitled reboot. No word yet on if tree-hugging bestie Chelsea or aspiring rapper Eddie will be back by Raven's side yet, but 2000s superfans got a little taste of a "Raven" reunion last year on Symone's talk show "The View:". Regardless, it is only fair in the rules of childhood nostalgia that we compile a definitive list of the things late 90s babies want to see in this well-anticipated spin-off:

1. Raven and Eddie finally being together.

Oh, come on. We all remember that one episode where Raven and Eddie were each other's perfect match. The tension was built up to a culminating final moment; Raven and Eddie kiss and realize they are nothing more than friends. However, the episode ends with an insinuation that the two do actually have more-than-friendly feelings towards one another (talk about a juicy plot line for elementary schoolers, amirite?). What fans want to see in this beautiful gift of a reboot is our favorite teen psychic and her high school best friend finally becoming an item.

2. Chelsea embracing the hipster lifestyle.

Remember when Chelsea staged a one-woman protest to save her favorite tree to the tune of "On Top of Old Oakey"? Or maybe when she started a peaceful mob of animal activists when Raven was designing a piece of clothing with real fur? Chelsea was the true definition of today's hipster lifestyle. In this reboot, it's very likely that we could see Chelsea on a kale kick, sporting the glitter eyebrow trend, and packing a bag for Coachella.

3. 'Cory and the Boys' making it big.


4. A remake of that legendary Halloween episode.

Anyone who remembers "old Disney" can recall the massive anticipation that lead up to the annual Halloween specials marathon. The creme de la creme of these gems was by far the 'Raven' Halloween episode. Funny, entertaining, and terrifying all at the same time, nothing was more typically "Raven and Chelsea" than a magical potion that turns the two into cows minutes before the biggest party of the school year. Disney would be foolish not to remake an episode as classic as this one.

5. More of this.

Raven Baxter's catchphrases>>>>>>>>>

6. Raven as CEO of the Donna Cabonna label.

As Disney's resident fashionista, Raven Baxter was basically the next Betsey Johnson of the early 2000s. Her flare, uniqueness, and undeniable passion for all things fashion were just a few of the qualities that made her so set on becoming a designer. In this reboot, Raven should be the new top dog at the place of her first internship, Donna Cabonna.

7. The Boys in Motion on a Backstreet Boys-esque comeback.

Before there was One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer, there was the very fictional yet very addictive Boyz in Motion. Here's hoping for a special appearance from this famous flock somewhere within the new show.

8. Episodes with meaning and morals.

Let's get real, here. Today's Disney Channel is filled with a lot of senseless comedy and overly-done plot thickeners. "Raven" was really the last DC show about actual life lessons. The program hit on issues that most stations today wouldn't dare touch with a 10-foot writer's pen, including body image, smoking, animal rights, and discrimination. So Disney Channel, ditch the fluffy stuff and give the current generation some real content on their TV screens.

9. A Cheetah Girls reunion.

It's the reunion you didn't know you needed until right this second, isn't it? Since their days as a New York City girl group to international pop diva-dome, the Cheetah Girls were the coolest fictional foursome around. The true icing on the "reboot" cake here would be a special appearance by the other three Cheetahs on Raven's newest project. Please, do it for the memz.

10. You can't forget about Stanley.

The typical nosey yet hilarious neighbor. Yes, maybe he was a rip-off of Steve Urkel in the sense that he was often shooed away for being too bothersome. However, Stanley was just as devious as he was unwanted in the Baxter home. Despite his shortcomings, he definitely brought some laughs into the series. So, he can come along for the "reboot" ride, too.

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