Attending college is a big change in a person's life, but even more so if that college is the University of Alabama. With tailgating all day, classes between 30 and 300 people, and the club of anyone's liking, it would be easy to say that Alabama is one of the best schools in the country.

However, there are a ton of unanswered questions that I have had just within my short time of two months here on campus and there are a plethora of questions I hear on the daily, if not twice a day.

1. "Why is it still so hot?!"

This one is SO real. I'm from North Carolina, where I thought it got hot... I was mistaken. I'm here and I wake up to check the weather... I have given up expecting it to be under 75 at 9 a.m.

2. "Is it supposed to rain today?"

For those of you who do not know, Alabama is the third rainiest state in the entire country and they made sure to drill it in my head while at orientation. Therefore, I carry an umbrella in my book bag at all times, you know, just in case.

3. "Why am I sick... AGAIN?"

The freshman flu is just as real as the freshman 15. I tried to prevent from getting sick in the most ways, but here I am again, wishing that I never took for granted all the times that I could breathe out of my nose.

4. "Wait, which bus can I take to get home?"

Good luck trying to find out which buses go where and when because, I swear, it is the hardest thing I've done to this date.

5. "Does ______ take dining dollars?"

When you are running out of money, dining dollars are your best friend. Money from UA to spend on food? Yes, please.

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6. "Which frat guy did she shag, again?"

It is nearly impossible to learn all of the 32 of the fraternities here at UA, so for clarification, you always ask which frat and which guy when talking about frat daddies with your friends.

7. "Is Roll Tide a greeting, a way of saying thank you, or words used to cheer on the football team?"

Trick question... it's all of the above. And more.

8. "Why did I take an 8 a.m?"

The worse time to take classes. The only people that take them are either, a) out of options, b) finishing their majors with the no other options for class times, or c) Satan.

9. "Does ______ check IDs?"

UA is hugely involved in Greek life, but even if you aren't, you are trying to get into those certain parties that are held at bars. Sometimes you need a fake, sometimes you don't, so this is an essential question when going out.

10. "Is that girl wearing pants?"

Yes, she is, in fact, wearing pants. You just can't see them because her shirt is so big. It's called lamping. Learn it, live it, and love it.