7 Restaurants Around Tuscaloosa You Need To Hit This Semester
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7 Restaurants Around Tuscaloosa You Need To Hit This Semester

You've probably never heard of half of these restaurants but these Tuscaloosa favorites won't disappoint or break the bank.

7 Restaurants Around Tuscaloosa You Need To Hit This Semester
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1. City Cafe

Known for their welcoming hospitality and southern style comfort food, City Cafe has been serving Northport, Alabama since 1974. Pop in for brunch at their location on Main Avenue and discover the stack of pancakes you didn't know you were missing out on. They serve as early as 4am but get there quick because they're only open until 3:30!

2. Mr. G's

Also serving since 1974, Mr. G's is the go-to spot for the group who can't decide where to go for lunch or dinner, serving everything from pasta and pizza to chicken wings and hickory smoked barbecue, giving options for everyone. They also have a wide variety of desserts and you can even order a full sized cookie cake.

3. Nick's Filet House

Most commonly known as "Nick's In The Sticks," this hole-in-the-wall steakhouse is famous for its low priced steaks and the "Nicodemus," a potent cocktail with a cherry on top, both of which are real crowd pleasers. In fact, so crowd-pleasing that the wait time for a table at Nick's can climb as high as two hours. And yes, people do wait that long to enjoy a great meal at Nick's.

4. Taco Casa

It's not Taco Bell, Twisted Taco, or even Del Taco, it's Taco Casa. One might ask, "What sets Taco Casa apart from these other taco chains? Aren't they all the same, anyways?" No sir, they are not the same. Locally serving Tuscaloosa, Northport, and most recently, Birmingham, Alabama, Taco Casa opened its doors in 1974 when Alabama football player, Rod Wilkin, decided that Tuscaloosa was in dire need of a Mexican restaurant. Fulfilling his dream many years later, Taco Casa was born, bringing you tacos, nachos, burritos and much more to our beloved T-Town ever since. They also have the best sweet tea.

5. Rama Jama's

Located about 10 feet from our beloved Bryant-Denny Stadium, Rama Jama's is famous for their extensive display of Alabama football memorabilia and of course, their wonderful southern diner-style fare. Start the next game day off right with an SEC Champ breakfast, complete with three eggs, your choice of smoked or country ham, grits and hash browns, and two biscuits. Although breakfast is served all day, the menu also lists all sorts of burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and sides. Don't forget about the milkshake, either!

6. Bento

If you're looking for the best Japanese food in Tuscaloosa, head over to Bento on the strip. With an extensive menu of sushi rolls and teriyaki dinners, Bento is sure to please everyone in your party. Have lunch and order a Bento box, a combination of a little of everything. However, it is recommended to go early for dinner, as the wait time increases by the minute!

7. Southland

"A Tuscaloosa Tradition in Cottondale, Alabama," Southland has been serving up real southern goodness since 1947. With a wide variety of findings including chicken, seafood, grilled steaks and meats, salads, sandwiches, and desserts, Southland does not disappoint even the pickiest of eaters. Originally a drive-thru restaurant, Southland has grown into a Cottondale hotspot, just a short drive from the University of Alabama campus.

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