10 Questions I Seriously Have After Moving Into A College Dorm
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Student Life

10 Questions I Seriously Have After Moving Into A College Dorm

Dorm life has got me messed up.

10 Questions I Seriously Have After Moving Into A College Dorm

1. How the heck am I expected to fit in to the shower?

Seriously, have you seen it? People always talk about the difficulty of shaving your legs while in the shower, but even washing your hair is really a struggle.

2. Laundry? On the third floor too (the floor number is different for every one)?

There are two washers and dryers in my entire dorm room. And in my hallway alone there are around 16 students. Guess we all better figure out how to wash our stuff at 2am to avoid doing it at the same time as everyone else.

3. Why are command hooks a serious pain in the butt?

Am I the only one who can’t figure these things out? Peeling stuff off on both sides is really throwing me off, even if one side does say ‘wall side.’ Life would be a lot easier with tacks, but we all know how that goes.

4. Did you expect a lot of room for hanging your clothes?

Well, don’t. I knew there would be minimal space to put my clothes in general, because most college dorms are like that. But even then, I used hangers that could hang multiple and I only had enough room to hang some shirts and sweatshirts. In other words, keep your expectations low.

5. Why did snacking suddenly get 10x better?

Suddenly all my favorite snacks are in drawers right below my bed. The ‘Freshmen 15’ becomes a lot easier when you’re munching on food and binge watching Netflix in your free time.

6. Can I please lay in the shape of a star in my bed again?

Because to be honest, I’m really missing that ability that I had in my queen size bed. You probably will too.

7. Why’s there got to be a freshman 15?

I’ll tell you what gets you. It’s breakfast! Tater tots, pancakes, and bacon every morning. When did you ever have that available to you EVERY DAY at home?! The answer? Never. It also doesn’t help that everything looks so good and the gym happens to be the opposite direction of the commons. Walking to class counts as a workout, right?

8. Is it just me, or are quiet hours only enforced the times you’re actually out socializing?

People can talk outside my room until 1am if they want and nothing happens. And honestly, that’s fine with me, I’ll just put in some headphones. But of course the times I’m out talking to people, it’s a strict go to your room and whisper policy. Attention! We are in college and we are getting to know people and god forbid… socializing. One might consider the seriousness with which this is actually being taken with and how ‘loud’ we are actually being.

9. Do you think you can make it the whole year without locking your keys in your room?

Well the answer is, you probably can’t. Honestly if you can, you deserve some type of award. I didn’t think I’d be that person and I did it week 1, so trust me if it hasn’t happened to you yet, your time is coming. Just cross your fingers that it’s not when you’ve just gotten out of the shower or seriously need something out of your room.

10. When’s the last time you had to relearn how to make friends?

I knew going in that making new friends would be a must. Especially since I decided to go to a school where I would know absolutely no one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome getting to know tons of new people! But finding a best friend doesn’t always happen in the blink of an eye. It’s different not having a go-to person, that you can talk to about anything, just minutes or seconds away. College has taught me that friendships will come, so keep getting to know people!

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