Top 10 Must-Haves For A Productive Summer
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Top 10 Must-Haves For A Productive Summer

Use your break to crash procrastination habits, and start getting your grind back on!

Top 10 Must-Haves For A Productive Summer

We all know the feeling of college burn out all too well, but what do you call the point of summer where you have things to get done but do not feel motivated at all to actually, well, do them?

With gorgeous weather outside and the comfort of your own home, it can be really hard to feel motivated to actually get some work done. Here are ten products that have definitely allowed me to be more productive in managing a full-time job this summer.

1. A Lap Desk

MacBook Pro on table Unsplash

When you don't have enough space for a desk or you won't be at home long enough to justify the investment, a lap desk is great to not only prevent your laptop from overheating, but also to get you feeling more productive, which in return actually does make you more productive.

2. An Organized Digital/Physical Planner

person holding notepad and pen flat lay photography Unsplash

Personally, I live off of Google Calendar. However, I know some people need to write things down—so whichever one works best for you, run with it! Just make sure you're organized, because if you're not, you can't really hold yourself accountable, which directly affects your productivity.

3. A Cute Water Bottle

gray and red bottle on white concrete surface Unsplash

This seems silly, but do not doubt the power of staying hydrating on your body, mind, and work! Taking care of yourself and investing in a water bottle that you like and makes you feel motivated will get you in the mood of working and also allow you to practice some self-care while you're at it!

4. A Good Work Playlist

red no music no life signage Unsplash

It's hard to focus, but especially when outside is absolutely beautiful, make sure you have a playlist that promotes focusing on your tasks at hand but also allows you to jam out too!

5. A CLEAN workspace

white surfboard beside white wall white wooden cube bookshelf inside the room Unsplash

Whether it's a corner of your room or your bed, make sure the area around you is clean and neat. You'll be more motivated to get work done, and an act as simple as making your bed can be the start of a motivated day.

6. Good Headphones

man in yellow shirt Unsplash

This is especially important if your entire family is working from home as well. For me, my AirPods are perfect and really help me block out noise. However, even earplugs could work. Whatever your forte is headphones-wise, make sure you utilize and invest!

7. A schedule that you are incentivized to stick to!

jar of M&M's Unsplash

Every week that I finish all my goals, I treat myself to some fro-yo or a shake! Find what will motivate you and reward yourself for sticking to your plan.

8. Limited screen time

silver iphone 6 on brown wooden table Unsplash

Most of us cannot go without being on our laptops, but we can limit checking our phones and getting distracted while we work.

9. Clear, measurable goals

black and white typewriter on green textile Unsplash

Saying "I will be productive this week" is great, but not when there's no way to hold yourself accountable or have any action to that statement. Try going for statements such as, "I will spend 30 minutes every day working on my resume" instead. This way, there's action and you can measure it.

10. Finally, a will to work!

person using MacBook Pro Unsplash

If you've made it this far, you are obviously committed to being more productive this summer, so what are you waiting for? Go and conquer!

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