We've all been there before. Some days all you really need is to just lay back, relax and spend twelve hours straight binge-watching a show you love on Netflix. Some of us bought our own account, some of us are poor college students who beg our friends and family for their passwords. Some of us watch Netflix in class and some of us huddle under a blanket fort and forget what daylight is. Some of us have a class at eight o'clock in the morning, but still stay up until four o'clock, telling ourselves "Only one more episode," over and over again.

No matter what kind of Netflix-watcher you are, any addict can relate to these 10 problems:

1. Your friends and family just don't understand the excitement you feel when Netflix adds a new season of your favorite show.

2. You feel insulted when Netflix asks you if you're still watching. I don't need your attitude—I'll tell you when I've had enough!

3. You lose your sense of time after a long binge. Is it 2 p.m.? 2 a.m.? What year is it?

4. Your family members or roommates make jokes about the fact that you haven't emerged from your room in forever. "Wow, look who decided to come out of hiding!" Ha ha, as if I've never heard that one before.

5. You have responsibilities and things you should probably be doing, but... one more episode can't hurt, can it?

6. There is no such thing as "free time" to you. Any time that is free can be used for quality binge-watching.

7. Sometimes people accidentally spoil an important plot point for you, but you keep watching anyway, because maybe the story will be different when YOU watch it.

8. When you finish a show you feel lost and empty inside. That is, until you start the next show, of course.

9. You're always forcing your friends to watch your favorite shows so you have someone else to commiserate with.

10. You sometimes go days without any social contacts, but weirdly, you're perfectly okay with that. The only friends you need are your favorite show characters.