Brenau University is a small private college in Gainesville, Georgia. We have the joys of a small town feel with big city traffic. I love my college. Every day you’re greeted by the same warm faces and everyone has a different story to tell. So many things make Brenau unique. The most obvious is the fact that Brenau is a women’s college. Nothing will beat the relationships you’ll make on our campus surrounded by some of your best friends. The longer you stay on campus the more you develop the Brenau Vocabulary. Before you know it you’re speaking like a pro. Once you leave the Brenau Bubble half of your friends might look at you like you’re crazy, but hey it’s a Brenau thing. So here is an article dedicated to all of the Brenau lingo.

Roll Call

Every Brenau freshmen has participated in roll call. Roll call is when all of the freshmen classes get together, put on a mini “show” and compete for the ultimate prize, a pizza party. Nothing beats pizza, music, and all of Brenau coming out to watch the new freshmen. The winners last year would have to be none other than Crudup First North. I love you guys

May Day

May Day is one of the best times of the year. All of the Alums come and visit campus and all the students come dressed in their best sundresses and hats. This is a time where we can enjoy all things Brenau and watch the May Court wrap the May Pole!

Gold Refined By Fire

This phrase holds the true essence of Brenau. Every student tries to become Gold Refined by Fire. This phrase is also a ceremony that is done at the beginning of your freshmen year. During this ceremony your write down your future goals and the person you want Brenau to mold you into. Hopefully, by your senior year all your goals will have come true and you will be Gold Refined by Fire.


4 times a year Brenau Students get together and have convocation! This is a time where we all come together even the faculty From Girl Power Hour to MLK Convocation each convocation is very different and some times we even get up and dance. Shout out to Tau Sig for their amazing performances as always.

Fried Chicken Wednesday

Every Wednesday Brenau has Fried Chicken Wednesday. If there is one thing Brenau knows how to cook, that is friend chicken. Don’t forget the Mac N’ Cheese too. After a long hard day of classes, nothing beats Wednesdays.


Gainesville Theater Alliance is huge on Brenau’s Campus. GTA is a cooperation between Brenau, the University of North Georgia, and the Gainesville Community. They put on fabulous musicals and plays and this phrase is very common. You want to see a good show come out and see a GTA performance!

Tea Room

The Team Room is infamous for having amazing food. I love sushi Wednesdays. If you want something cooked up fresh and a good conversation go on over to the tea room. You won't be disappointed.

Little Red/Agnes

Little Red and Agnes are our campus resident ghosts. They both are friendly but love to play jokes on the students. Little Red is a little boy that lives in Crudup and Agnes is a girl that lives in Pearce. So when you leave don’t forget to say bye!

Midnight Breakfast

Midnight Breakfast Is not a joke. This is not a drill. Your college might do Midnight Breakfast, but not like Brenau. If you want gift cards flying, raffle giving, dance parties, Brenau Midnight Breakfast is the place to be. Just a pre-warning, nothing about this night is a game. You will be trampled for your gift card.