10 Phases We Went Through

Do you ever think about the weird things you did throughout your childhood? Well, here is a guide to 11 phases that I went through and I think the majority of people can attest to similar experiences!

1. Pop Star Phase

I think we all wanted to be Hilary Duff at some point.

2. Dog Phase

I never left this phase…

3. Mustache Phase

For some reason, we all liked mustaches a lot?? To prove this, we would put mustaches everywhere.

4. Emo Phase

We all loved listening to Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. Another phase I never left.

5. Aeropostale Phase

When we would wear everything and anything Aeropostale, including bland looking t-shirts.

6. Actor Phase

After I saw the remake of Fame, I spent about three weeks planning my prolific acting career. That dream was short in its time, but abundant in its spirit.

7. Spy Phase

I think all of us, at some point, overlooked the emotional and physical repercussions of a life undercover and committed to being an infamous spy.

8. High School Musical Phase

There were t-shirts, games, and even blankets. HSM was everywhere.

9. Neopets Phase

I would collect those little heckers and play with them unrelentingly.

10. Crocs Phase

This peculiar brand of footwear took over the nation when I was about 10. Deep down, I still want to wear them.

11. Harry Potter Phase

Growing up with the book series, it’s hard not to have your whole life be a Harry Potter Phase

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