The oldest child is the boss, the youngest child is the baby, and then there's the middle child. When growing up in a big family, life is anything but boring. Sometimes people associate that being the middle child is negative, but I wouldn't have the skills and perks I have today without being the middle child.

1. You get to experience being a younger and older sibling.

We have a role model for how to be a role model. Your older siblings gave you advice and taught you lessons and you get to do the same for your younger siblings.

2.You are more independent.

A middle child is not a leader or a follower. We march to the beat of our own drum and are pretty great at doing it.

3. You happy to do your own thing.

You are content to by yourself rather than fight for attention like your other siblings do.

4.You are resilient.

You keep moving forward no matter what challenges come your way.

5. You don't have to deal with being the guinea pig child of first-time parents.

6. You are rebellious.

You question everything and you do what you want.

7. You are great at sharing.

You have probably shared a room or toys at some point in your life, so when it comes to sharing, it doesn't bother you.

8. You do not fall to peer pressure.

You don’t allow others to influence you, you tend to question everything and follow your own path.

9. You are funny.

Being the middle child, you have to be funny because it is your defense mechanism for everything. It’s part of how you survive being the middle child because you often feel neglected or under appreciated.

10. And finally the best perk: your birth order.

It wasn't always the easiest, but being the middle child is what made you, you. A fabulous person.