Who knew going to college with your sibling would be one of the coolest things ever? Now that my little brother is a freshman at school with me, I am loving having him here and feel so blessed to have such an awesome sibling. Here are some perks of going to college with your siblings!

1. You've always got a friend to hang out with.

2. When you need to vent you never have to fill them in on your life, because they've lived it.

3. When you have a bad day they're right there to cheer you up and they know just how to do it.

4. You're in charge of your relationship, so you don't have to hang out if you don't want to.

5. You get to watch them grow up and succeed.

6. You've always got a travel buddy when you're going home for the holidays.

7. You get to experience new things together.

8. You always have someone you can count on to help you with your studies.

9. You get to share some of the best years of your life with each other.

10. You always have a piece of home with you.