10 Non-Basic Frat Party Themes You Have To Try This Year

10 Non-Basic Frat Party Themes You Have To Try This Year

Because the jersey theme is overrated.

Dear frat boys, the jersey theme is getting old. We all can agree it's time for some new and exciting themes! I mean, c'mon, who else hates getting all dressed up to go out and drink on the weekends ?! Leave the crop top and wedges at home and try some new themes this year!

1. Cowboys and Indians

Pocahontas or Woody. Simple.

2. Snow Pants or No Pants

You either wear snow pants or no pants at all! This is definitely an awesome theme to try out in the summer!

3. High School Stereotype

Dress as a typical high school stereotype, anything but the one you used to be!

4. Wine About It

Forget the natty! How about a night with all wine? Don't forget to slap the bag!

5. Goodwill/Thrift Shop

Go to goodwill and pick out the corniest outfit you can find and wear it to the party!

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6. Hipster or Homeless

You dress up as either one and the whole night everyone has to guess which on you are!

7. No cellphones

What no cellphones? Normal human interaction? How will we survive???

8. Anything But Cups Party

A boot? Dog bowl? How about an old bottle of laundry detergent?

9. Rubiks Cube

Show up wearing as many colors of the Rubiks cube as you can and then swap pieces of clothing with others at the party until you're wearing one solid color.

10. "I shouldn't be here"

Wear anything but party clothes, as if you weren't supposed to be there. Ex: workout clothes, scrubs, bathing suit.

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14 Fraternity Guy Gifts Ideas, Since He Already Has Enough Beer

Frat boys are a species of their own and here are some exciting gifts they will be ecstatic to receive!


What more do frat boys love than alcohol, partying, and just acting stupid? Here are some gifts that help fulfill all of those needs for the frat boy in your life!

1. Beer holster belt

Whats better than one beer? Six beers! This fashionable camouflage accessory can be used for tailgates, beach days, formals and everything in between.

Price: $8.49 (one pack), $14.99 (two pack)

2. Phone juul holder 

You know those cardholders everyone sticks on the back of their phones? Well, now a Juul holder for your phone is on the market! This will save your favorite frat boy from ever again losing his Juul!

Price: $10.98

3. Animal house poster 

This Animal House poster is a classic staple for any frat boy. This poster will compliment any frat house decor or lack thereof.

Price: $1.95

4. The American Fraternity book

Does the frat boy in your life need a good read for Thanksgiving or winter break? Look no farther, this will certainly keep his attention and give him a history lesson on American fraternity heritage and tradition.

Price: $28.46

5. Beer pong socks 

These snazzy socks featuring beer pong will be loved by any frat boy. As for the way to any frat boy's heart may, in fact, be beer pong.

Price: $12.00

6. Condom case

This condom carrying case will not only protect condoms from damage but also make frat boys more inclined to practice safe sex, which is a win-win situation!

Price: $9.99

7. Frat house candle

Ahhh yes, who does not like the smell of stale beer in a dark, musty frat house basement? Frat boys can make their apartment or bedroom back home smell like their favorite place with the help of this candle.

Price: $16.99

8. "Frat" sticker

Frat boys always need to make sure everyone around them knows just how "fratty" they are. This versatile stick can go on a laptop, car, water bottle, or practically anywhere their little hearts desire.

Price: $6.50

9. Natty Light t-shirt 

Even I will admit that this shirt is pretty cool. The frat boy in your life will wear this shirt at every possible moment, it is just that cool!

Price: $38.76-$41.11

10. Natty light fanny pack 

This fanny pack can absolutely be rocked by any frat boy. The built-in koozie adds a nice touch.

Price: $21.85

11. Bud Light Neon Beer Sign 

A neon beer sign will be the perfect addition to any frat boys bedroom.

Price: $79.99

12. Beer Opener

Although most frat boys' go to beers come in cans, this bottle opener will be useful for those special occasions when they buy nicer bottled beers.

Price: $7.99

13. Frat House Dr. Sign

Price: $13.99

Forget stealing random street signs, with this gift frat boys no longer have to do so.

14. Beer Lights 

Lights are an essential for any party and these will surely light up even the lamest parties.

Price: $17.19

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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To The Sister I Never Knew I Needed, Thank You

Growing up and becoming a young adult is hard, but sisters make it easier.


One of the things I am most grateful for in my life is my brother, he has become one of my favorite people and is growing up way too fast. Of course, I just have the one brother, but always wished I had a sister, the grass is always greener right? My friends who actually had sisters always told me it was awful, you don't want a sister, I'd rather have a brother.

All of that changed when I came to college. I was always on the fence about joining a sorority because of all the bad media surrounding the Greek community. I wanted to make new friends so I went for it, you're only in college once. It has honestly been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I am so grateful for every single opportunity I've had in my chapter.

But it didn't start off this way. When I first joined, I didn't think Greek life was something I would fit in to. I struggled with making friends at first because it's intimidating and you kind of just want to crawl under a rock. But that all changed when I met you.

At my first event for our chapter, I approached you because we had one of those weird connections where someone I knew, also knew you, so that meant we had to know each other. That five-second surge of confidence changed my entire world.

After weeks of hanging out and getting to know each other, we awkwardly told each other we wanted to be big and little. The night you became my big will always be one of my favorite sorority memories because now I was a part of the best family there is.

You were a constant support for me during my freshman year and made me feel like I always had someone to talk to, even when I felt like I didn't. We became so incredibly close and when our chapter hit a rough patch, we both thought about dropping. It was a hard decision because I didn't want to leave my friends or you. You made the choice very simple and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't still be in this chapter.

At this point, you aren't just my big anymore, but one of my best friends in college. From expanding our family to the Fiesta dates to driving home at 7 am to go to your hair appointment with you at 10 am, to picking you up from the bars at 1 am because you're bored and watching you graduate and move on to bigger and better things.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a role model like you.

You make me want to be a better student, person, big, friend, sister, and daughter. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you. You have shown me how to truly be the best that I can be and to start depending on me because no one is going to do it for you but you.

You are going to thrive in graduate school and I can't wait to come to visit you, wherever you end up. Congratulations on your graduation, KR, you are an unbelievable human being with more love and compassion in your heart than anyone I've ever met. I thank my lucky stars for you.

Love you always,


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