10 Off The Air TV Shows That Are Worth Binge Watching
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10 Off The Air TV Shows That Are Worth Binge Watching

The best of the best, gone too soon.

10 Off The Air TV Shows That Are Worth Binge Watching

I've always been a sucker for a 90's sitcom or an 80's movie. When I watch older television shows and movies, I can't help but think that I would have been better off growing up 10 or 20 years ago, when my favorite shows were still on the air. Luckily, we have Netflix and Amazon Fire TV Sticks that make watching old shows easy, and of course, prevent those cliff hangers from really taking a toll. Here are 10 off the air television shows that are totally worth binge watching!

1. Friends

I have never met a person who didn't love this show, or who didn't secretly want a love like Monica and Chandler's or a friend like Joey. It is 10 whole seasons funny, lovable and emotional goodness, and it is totally worth binge watching.

2. Everybody Loves Raymond

Meddling parents, a wife who just can't win your mother's approval, and brother that is a big oaf of a pathetic human is enough to make you fall in love with the Barone family!

3. One Tree Hill

When my little sister got me hooked on One Tree Hill, within a few episodes I had fallen in love with the Scott brothers and all the friends and family members (except Dan) that accompanied them. Even though this show isn't a sitcom, it will make you laugh, cry, want to throw things and believe in love and family all over again, and it is totally worth all 9 seasons of cliffhangers.

4. Reba

I find myself constantly amazed with Reba's strong self-control- I would have killed Barbara Jean by the end of the first season. This show is filled with ups and downs but every episode will cause you to fall in love with the hearts of the Hart family.

5. The Nanny

When I was in middle school, I loved this show so much that I did a research project over it and I spent like $25 on a picture of the cast autographed by each cast member. If you can get past Fran Drescher's nasally voice, there is nothing not to love about this heartwarming sitcom.

6. George Lopez

George can never seem to get away from his insensitive and gruff mother single mother, despite that he is grown with a wife and teenage kids of his own. The misadventures endured by the Lopez family is sure to keep you laughing and crying in each episode.

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7. Boy Meets World

Every time the photo of Corey and Topanga accompanied with Corey's definition of love inspired by his feelings for Topanga appears on my Twitter timeline, I find myself falling in love with this show and wishing for a love like Corey and Topanga's all over again. Fall in love with love and friendship through this lighthearted sitcom.

8. Home Improvement

"Tim the Toolman Taylor" is such a lovable character, it is impossible to not fall in love with this guy. Airing in the 90's, you won't regret binge watching a few episodes of Home Improvement, it will definitely improve your day.

9. Full House

Danny Tanner's sensitive approach to raising his three daughters will definitely make you say "aww" in every episode... Good thing Joey and Jesse are there to keep us laughing as well. Full House is certainly a classic, and within every episode, some kind of cheesy moral instilled in the girls and within their three lovely guardians make it appropriate for the whole family.

10. That 70's Show

If you're a teenager, that 70's show will seem to be speaking to you and your friends directly, as if they took your everyday crises, set them in the 1970s and then filmed them. If you're an adult, then this show will bring you right back to your adolescent years. It is certainly worth the watch of all 8 seasons!

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