Norman if full of cute date ideas. But I'm too single to try
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10 Date Ideas In Norman, OK For Me And The Boyfriend I Don't Have

If you can't have it, just dream about it.

10 Date Ideas In Norman, OK For Me And The Boyfriend I Don't Have,_OK_USA_-_University_of_Oklahoma_-_panoramio_(26).jpg

If you haven't noticed, it's February, and even though I should hate the month of love because I'm chronically single, I'm still a hopeless romantic and love seeing all of the couples holding hands in Target simply because it's February 14th. If you're like me, or you actually have an S/O to enjoy it with, here are 10 places to put on your list for a date out.

1. Make Him Take Your Instagrams For You

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If you're not utilizing your boyfriend to make your insta feed prettier, are you even in a relationship? Go on a probably cold but still cute insta walk in Downtown Norman's Walker Arts District.

2. A Sunflower Field


Okay so it's not sunflower season, but save this spot for next August when it is. Next to the community dog park is Sutton Wilderness Area which has a pond lined with sunflowers. But if you like hiking for the sake of hiking you could do that too.

3. Brunch With Him


Go to Scratch Kitchen!! You don't HAVE to go to okla city to eat a good brunch, because this Paseo District restaraunt is also in Norman. They have an entire separate menu for "Brunch Cocktails". Need I say more?

4. Go to Target With Him


Maybe this is just how alone I am, but I think going to Target with a boy would be so much fun- am I weird? You can pick out rose and go through the home decor section to imagine furnishing your future Dallas mansion because IKEA is too far away. Grab a Starbucks, buy food for dinner, and make a fort in the toilet paper/pillow sections. Norman Super Target = Date night.

5. Moore Warren Theatre


After Super Target, take 35 up a few minutes to that huge, imax/movie theatre that is so big it's pratically begging you to pretend you're Noah & Allie for a night. Vintage curls- optional.

6. Lunch on the Deck of the Porch


The porch is a super cute place to sit, and even more if it's with a boyfriend. Sure it's not the best view in the world, but it's probably the best on campus corner.

7. Blackbird


Blackbird is where you go after you tried Tea Cafe on Wednesday nights, because you heard that's when Kyler Murray goes, but he wasn't there and you realized you got overdressed for nothing. Now that meeting Kyler is out of the question, you can convince your boyfriend to take you to Blackbird instead. A block away and the dark lighting will make it formal enough to wear a cute dress. WIth leggings and boots. It's still February.

8. HeyDay Bowling


HeyDay is super pretty, and, If you're really bad at it like me, it'll probably be an ego booster for your S/O that they're finally able to beat you at something.

9. The Mont


Suffer through being crowded in a outdoor space with hanging lights, mediocre food and drunken Fiji's for the swirly drinks. The only redeeming quality of this place. But you're not an OU couple until you do it.

10. The Library's Hidden Canyon Garden


If you're tired of the Great Reading room, take the elevator to lower level 2. Sneak out to the Canyon Garden underneath the clock tower and have a much more scenic, and less dead silent study date.

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