10 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

10 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

This article highlights 10 Netflix shows that are perfect for binge watching when you have nothing else to do!


We all have a Netflix account in some way or another. We all watch Netflix weekly, or even daily, I know I do. So what shows are the best to binge watch when you have nothing else to do that day and be lazy? Here are my top 10 picks, in no specific order!

1. ​How to Get Away with Murder

This show has 5 glorious seasons of murder as it follows 5 law students and their professor as they find themselves on the wrong side of the law which they never thought they would entering law school. Based in Philadelphia you learn about these characters lives and backstories and how they get to where they are today. The interesting part about this show is each season it flashes forward to present day and flashes back to the past only a few months prior to the present day with each episode leaving you a little more confused and eventually putting all the pieces together for a binge-worthy twist at the end of each season.

2. Dynasty

This one season show will get you hooked on the drama of a wealthy upper-class American family living the dream full of scandals, drama, lust, secrets, and money. To be completely honest, the only reason I decided to watch this show in the first place is because of the actress Elizabeth Gillies. I watched her in Nickelodeon shows growing up and ended up falling in love with Dynasty which left me wanting more.

3. Friends

Good ole Friends. If you haven't seen Friends it is the best 10 seasons of absolute nothing. This show follows 6 friends and their lives in New York City struggling to get by with all different professions, the most unlikely group of friends who meet every day in the iconic Central Perk Cafe to hang out. You see them go through many relationships and follow their lives for 10 seasons of laughter, love, and the occasional heartbreak. This show is the best show to binge watch when you need a good laugh.

4. Gossip Girl

Following the iconic upper east side New York high school preppy kids, you get invested in the drama these high school kids go through that every day normal high school kids do not go through. Gossip Girl lets you escape from your normal drama and invest in this blown out of proportion drama that would realistically just not happen to you. The drama of these teens highlights how their social life is put under a microscope of a blogger who is always watching for 6 seasons.

5. Criminal Minds

12 seasons of horror, death, and interesting cases, this show makes you want the join the FBI and fight crime that these agents experience every day. The end of every season is an interesting twist on these characters lives and how their line of work influences them. You fall in love with the characters and invest in the cases they are working on.

6. Reign

This show follows Queen Mary of Scotts and Prince Frances in the historical fiction show based in the 16th century. This show follows the drama of these teenagers who learned to grow up fast defending their country. This show is one of my favorite shows because unlike any other show it is set in a completely different century and puts a face to what they actually went through. This show is for the most part historically accurate with some dramatic twists. This show lets the watchers escape into a whole new reality making you want to have been born in that time frame.

7. Parks and Recreation

This series is focused in a small town in Pawnee, Indiana. It revolves around their town board of recreation where parks and city bonding is all that matters for Board of Director, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. If you are looking to forget all your problems and laugh for episodes at a time, tune into the series on Netflix, commonly known as Parks and Rec.

8. You

This Netflix show of only one seasons so far, follows the life of a sociopathic stalker who falls in love with a grad student and does everything he absolutely can to be her "perfect boyfriend" this show will leave you wanting to lock every single door in your house at night as well as invest in blackout curtains for all of your windows. The most interesting part of this show is when viewers would say "I am watching You," making it chilling to even reference what show you are watching on Netflix. Tune in on December 3, 2019, for the next, hopefully just as chilling of a second season.

9. The Carrie Diaries

If your mom is anything like mine, you always heard her raving about the show, and movies, Sex and the City. The Carrie Diaries is a spin-off of Sex and the City's main character Carrie Bradshaw as she goes through her high school days and deals with relationships and friendships of the 1980s. You learn about her life and how she got to where she is in Sex and the City. Only two seasons of laughter and drama, this show will leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next.

10. That 70's Show

Another blast to the past comedy follows 6 friends battling high school and beyond in the '70s. If you are looking for a raunchy comedy to binge watch, the characters will have you dying laughing. My dad went to high school in the '70s in small-town Texas. His family is from another Hispanic speaking country so he would always describe his high school experience with his friends as this exact group of friends as well. He would always say he was the Fes of the group, and for those who don't watch this show, the character Fes stands for "foreign exchange student." Having heard my dad talk about his life like that, I had to turn on this comedy and once you turn it on, you will not be able to turn it off.

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